Transforming tuberous breasts | Specialist breast reconstruction techniques for the perfect boobs
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The Best Mummy Makeover Specialist UK – Plastic Surgery Bristol

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Transforming tuberous breasts | Specialist breast reconstruction techniques for the perfect boobs
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Getting a plastic surgery procedure is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the results are life-changing. When choosing to get such a transformative procedure as the Mummy Makeover, you need to make a careful decision of who to put your trust into for the surgery. To fix your biggest insecurities, you need to choose a surgeon who will give you the perfect body, so you’ll never need a follow-up treatment or scar revision.

Discover how to get your dream body from the best female plastic surgeon in the UK and why it’s so important to do your research before choosing a Mummy Makeover specialist.

Where is the best place for a Mummy Makeover?

It’s all too tempting to go abroad for the Mummy Makeover surgery. After all, it’s a life-changing procedure, so why not save some cash?

However, you could be left with unsatisfactory results, poor wound healing and recovery or run the risk of complications without proper aftercare. With that in mind, consider whether the Mummy Makeover is right for you and if so, opt for the best specialist in the UK.

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I decided to go to Praugue to have a tummy tuck. Although the op went ok, I still had a massive bulge on my abdomen. I was still Very unhappy.

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The UK has high medical care and plastic surgery standards so you know you’ll have the best care you can find. You won’t have to travel immediately after surgery and are reassured that your plastic surgeon is local if you need additional care.

  • The UK has some of the most skilled plastic surgeons in the world

  • Travelling after extensive surgery can increase your risk

  • Surgeons are held to an exceptionally high standard of care in the UK

  • Bristol accommodates the best female plastic surgeon in the UK

Read more about why you shouldn’t travel abroad for the Mummy Makeover.

The best Mummy Makeover specialist in the UK

The UK houses hundreds of exceptional plastic surgeons who can deliver, facial surgery, breast augmentation and body transformations but only a select few are worth visiting for a Mummy Makeover.

Ms Elena Prousskaia is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who specialises in Mummy Makeovers. Elena is the best female plastic surgeon in the UK and has practised plastic surgery for over 20 years. With her great reviews, testimonials and portfolio of Mummy Makeover transformations, finding a more qualified surgeon will be a challenge, but don’t just take our word for it!

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it is so important you choose the right surgeon and I can honestly say Elena is the best choice.

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It’s essential you choose a highly skilled plastic surgeon for this extensive procedure, recovery is a long journey and Elena minimises your discomfort and ensures your recovery as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

What results can you expect from the Mummy Makeover?

Patients travel from across the country to visit Elena Prousskaia at North Bristol Private Hospital, although she has locations in London(London Welbeck hospital) Worcester, East Grinstead and more so there’s no reason not to explore what she can offer you.

Our patients always get natural-looking results, near-invisible scarring and feel more confident and beautiful than they ever have before. Pregnancy and childbirth take a huge toll on your body and self-esteem. The surgery is truly life-changing which is why Elena is so passionate about the Mummy Makeover as a way for patients to reclaim their lives.

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I do not believe another surgeon could have achieved as great a result as her!

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Reclaim your pre-pregnancy confidence – Book a consultation

Full-body transformations with Elena Prousskaia

Referring to a surgeon’s past work solidifies the confidence in your practitioner. Visit the Mummy Makeover Gallery for an extensive portfolio of patient transformations or read about what the makeover surgery involves.

Before and after surgery

Consultant plastic surgeon Elena and her team of highly skilled surgeons always take a specifically tailored surgical approach to correct each patient. For instance, this patient needed a full Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction, areola reduction and liposuction for post-pregnancy fat removal. The result is a toned stomach, perky and symmetrical breasts and proportional areolas.

Elena uses a mini tummy tuck surgery, abdominal muscle repair and liposuction for another patient who has excess skin and a tummy bulge but not a significant excess of belly fat. She needed a tuberous breast correction but wanted to keep a modest breast size. Elena granted her this wish and now she has a smooth, flat stomach and symmetrical perky breasts – she couldn’t be happier with the results.

Before and after surgery

Elena is prestigious for her natural-looking breast augmentation results, you can choose between full or teardrop silicone implants

Full & Teardrop implants

“The aftercare is first-class”

When you visit the North Bristol Private Hospital or any other of Elena’s clinics, our carefully selected team ensure your stay is positively memorable. From your initial consultation to your surgery, our compassionate, supportive and knowledgeable nurses will reassure you. An overnight stay in our private clinic offers you an optimal setting for recovery with 1-1 nursing, peace and quiet, comfort and tailored nutrition. A clinic so luxury, you’ll want to stay longer.

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I came across Elena so decided to bite the bulletand book a consultation due to her great reviews and the fact she was a female surgeon (hard to find in the uk)!…Elena was kind, compassionate and down to earth so I knew instantly I wanted the surgery done with her.

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You join a community when you choose Elena; she never discharges her patients. If you have any queries or concerns before or after your surgery, Elena will promptly ease your apprehension – she takes the time to understand your needs.

Unlimited follow-up appointments, phone calls or email correspondence is available to everyone and we offer the most comprehensive aftercare as standard. Following surgery, you’ll see Elena again after a week, four weeks, one month, three months and one year. You have every opportunity to reach out in between.

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What’s included in the Mummy Makeover?

How long does it take for the Mummy Makeover to heal?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mummy Makeover involves a tummy tuck, liposuction and a breast uplift. Depending on your preference, you can have either a breast reduction surgery or a breast augmentation. The Procedure targets sagging, deflated or enlarged breasts, stretch marks, excess skin and tummy fat. Diastasis recti is also addressed during the tummy tuck offering you a flat, toned stomach.

It takes four weeks until your dressings can be removed but because of the extensive tummy surgery, you’ll be limited in movement for to eight weeks, after eight weeks short walks and minimal movement are permitted. The whole Mummy Makeover recovery journey takes up to 12 months.

You should wait 6 months after your final pregnancy (including breastfeeding) to get the Mummy Makeover so your body is fully recovered and you avoid reversing your surgery with a subsequent pregnancy.

For this surgery, you’ll need to be at a point in your life where you can take four to eight weeks to rest and can comfortably finance the Mummy Makeover. Your risk is higher with multiple surgeries and if you are obese or underweight. Decide whether the mummy makeover is right for you.

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