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What’s included in the Mummy Makeover surgery?

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Closeup shot of female body. Liposuction and healthy lifestyle, weight loss concept.
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Elena Prousskaia understands the struggles of motherhood all too well; creating a brand new life takes a toll on a woman’s body. Some of the physical changes of pregnancy and breastfeeding are difficult to reverse. Loose skin, stretch marks, excess fat, sagging and deflated breasts are a major cause of body image issues in mothers. Accepting your new body can be empowering but restoring your pre-pregnancy figure and confidence is life-changing.

The Mummy Makeover is a transformative procedure to restore and improve your pre-baby body. The all-in-one plastic surgery combines the Tummy Tuck, breast enhancement, liposuction and non-invasive body contouring. You’ll get your dream body after just a single surgery.

A patient’s full-body transformation. Elena corrects abnormal breast shape from previous breast implants, tummy overhang, excess fat, skin and bulging abdomen.
A patient’s full-body transformation. Elena corrects abnormal breast shape from previous breast implants, tummy overhang, excess fat, skin and bulging abdomen.

Restore pre-baby boobs with a breast augmentation & lift

Whether your body snaps back or not, most women struggle with breast sagging after a baby. Breast sagging is not fixable without surgery, so if you’re insecure about it, you could consider a breast augmentation, a breast lift or a breast reduction.

The most popular choice, to replace lost volume after pregnancy is a breast enlargement. Breast augmentation uses silicone implants to increase the size of your boobs and improve their symmetry and shape. You can choose your breast implant type depending on the breast shape you prefer – fuller or more natural. Read more about breast augmentation and breast lift surgery after a baby.

Many women gain persistent breast volume after pregnancy which can exacerbate breast sagging. Weight loss can help reduce the size of your breasts; however, breast reduction can permanently ease the discomfort of oversized breasts and help you feel more confident in your clothes.

You can pair a breast lift with a breast augmentation or a breast reduction, for youthful and perky breasts. A breast lift alone is ideal for mums who are happy with their cup size but want to change the shape.

Breast surgeries usually leave discreet scars along your bra strap and you’ll heal within several months.

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Fix your pregnancy belly with a Tummy Tuck

Stretch marks, loose skin and excess fat are the most common reasons women feel insecure about their bodies after pregnancy. The tummy tuck surgery after a baby can fix your most severe marks, remove loose skin and belly fat and correct diastasis recti (the separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy).

During the procedure, your plastic surgeon will remove a portion of skin and fat from the abdominal area and correct the muscles underneath. You will be left with a scar along the bikini line for the full tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck and a small vertical scar for a fleur de lis tummy tuck.

This invasive procedure can take eight months to recover from, so ensure you make the most of your surgery. One benefit of the Mummy Makeover surgery is reducing overall recovery time and the number of trips to the hospital.


Although weight gain during pregnancy is normal, it can be difficult to shift this stubborn fat, especially with a newborn. After exhausting natural weight loss strategies, some mums turn to liposuction for post-pregnancy fat removal.

Under general anaesthesia, your surgeon makes small incisions and disrupts the fat tissue using pressurised water or high-frequency radio waves (VASER). The benefit of VASER lipo is the preservation of connective tissue and the stimulation of new collagen fibres – helping to tighten the skin during recovery. Suction devices, remove the loosened fat cells and then your wounds are closed and dressed.

After the procedure, you will experience tenderness and bruising at the lipo site lasting several weeks. However, Liposuction leaves small dimple-like scars which heal discreetly.

Liposuction can remove excess fat tissue from almost anywhere in the body making it perfect to supplement the tummy tuck surgery. If you have a large body fat excess, lipo is insufficient to correct this without leaving loose skin.

To improve the suppleness of the skin after surgery, body contouring can be enhanced with non-invasive treatments such as ultrasound, red light, LED therapy or radiofrequency. These techniques use targeted heat to stimulate skin cells to produce collagen.

What could the Mummy Makeover procedure look like for you? Elena explains what’s involved in the following video.

Is the Mummy Makeover worth it?

A full-body transformation is truly life-changing. With your dream body, you gain a new lease of life and unexplored self-confidence. However, the extensive procedure requires plenty of recovery time and financial security. We do offer 0% finance options so you can spread the cost of the Mummy Makeover.



Full-body transformation

Intensive procedure

Fewer trips to the hospital

Costly surgery (0% finance available)

Shorter overall recovery time than individual procedures

8 months recovery

Lasting results

Low self-confidence can significantly impact your mental health so it’s worth taking the necessary steps to improve your body image and quality of life. One of Elena’s patients is still completely blown away with her total body transformation. She emphasises that Elena Prousskaia and her team have given me my life back.

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“I had a full tummy tuck, a breast augmentation and some lipo and it was the best thing I have ever done…I only ever dreamed I could look like this”
Anonymous patient

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The Mummy Makeover offers you the opportunity to make the most out of life and provides the perfect starting point for a healthy and thriving future. Patients wouldn’t think twice in recommending Elena and find her expertly skilled, supportive and knowledgeable – they wouldn’t put their trust in any other cosmetic surgeon.

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