Maternity is hard work…but once a young mother has time to look in the mirror again it is when she sometimes realizes that her body has changed. Loss of breast volume and shape after breast-feeding comes as an unpleasant surprise.

Some ladies lose a couple of cup sizes and end up literally with their breasts looking “empty”. After pregnancy tummy tissue has a tendency to weaken. The problem is related to skin, muscle and fascia weakness after being stretched.

Mummy Makeover Surgery After Pregnancy

The typical concerns in postpartum recovery are about continuing being attractive to the partner and about coming back to pre pregnancy body image.

The body looks different with clothes off and patients frequently experience difficulties with fitting into their usual clothes. Some women feel like they have lost part of their femininity and confidence due these changes.

Why choose the Elena Prousskaia Clinic for your cosmetic surgery procedure

Based at the prestigious McIndoe Surgical Centre, the Clinic has a reputation for exemplary patient care, led by the skill and surgical artistry of Elena herself.

As one of the few female plastic surgeons in the UK, Elena’s calm presence, experience and empathetic manner make her a superb choice for those wanting to utilize the latest surgical techniques to improve their quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Mummy Makeover procedures may i need ?

Combinations of tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift to restore breast and body shape can be done on the same day. To restore a youthful shape of the breasts sometimes just tightening the loose skin can be enough (called a mastopexy), but in many cases combining it with an implant gives the patient the desired volume, fullness of the upper pole and “a nice cleavage”.

What's involved in the Mummy Makeover procedure ?

Elena will restore the shape of your tummy by removing the excess skin and fat, then tightening the deep tissue or fascia overlying the muscles.
 For most patients, between 30-50% of the abdominal skin can be removed, reducing stretch marks that has developed. She will also reshape your belly button. Your scar will be well hidden by your underwear.After giving birth many women feel that they would benefit from adjustments in the genital area. The excess skin, which can sometimes rub, will be removed for comfort. This can give your vagina a more youthful appearance and can also improve the quality of your life. Liposuction or lipofilling of the mons pubis are other options available.

How will i know if a Mummy Makeover procedure is right for me ?

Elena will help you decide on the right procedure after a conversation and examination in her clinic. She will talk you through all the intricacies of the surgery, offering advice on how best to prepare and how to look after yourself during the recovery period. Once you’ve gone home we’re always available for advice. The Elena Prousskaia Clinic prides itself on the quality of both its pre and post operative care so we’ll make sure you’re completely informed, relaxed and comfortable at all stages of the process.

Treatment Cost

The total cost of the surgery will be confirmed after the first consultation.

The cost includes the hospital, surgeon and anaesthetic fees. It also covers all post-operative visits. The initial consultation fee will be invoiced separately. The prices apply only at the time of publication and are subject to changes without notification.

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Treatment At A Glance

Surgical Time 6 - 10 hours
Hospital Stay 2 - 3 nights
Initial Recovery Time 2 - 6 weeks
Anaesthetic General anaesthetic
Final Result 6 - 12 months
Follow Up 1, 4, 12 weeks & 1 year

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Had surgeon with Elena in September, I was extremely anxious about the whole thing, but Elena and her whole team, from admin to the hospital staff were amazing with me and reassured me throughout my journey. I can not recommend Elena enough, and she has changed my life for the better! Already saving for my next operation with her!

SM – Abdominoplasty & Arm Lift

From the first consultation with Elena I knew I had chosen well, she explains everything to you in the way a person can understand. I wish I had it done long ago as this has changed my life. I am 100% pleased with the outcome. There are things you have to do to help with healing but this is explained to you. I am now a month on from surgery, Elena is very pleased with my progress. I went to the Spire and all the staff were very kind and professional. The anaesthetist came to talk to me and Elena came to visit me before my surgery. I am forever grateful to Elena for her kindness, understanding and outstanding work as a plastic surgeon.

CW – Breast Reduction

As I write this review I’m led on a sun lounger on holiday in a swimsuit which actually fits me, the first time in years I am not wearing an ill fitted costume with a bra underneath just to hold me up and it’s all thanks to Elena.  I cannot recommend her highly enough! I had thought about a breast reduction for many years but never had the courage to go for it but I am so so pleased I finally decided to go for it, from my initial consultation I knew I was making the right decision. Elena and her PA Heather were great from the beginning talking me through everything and answered any questions I had at any time. Absolutely amazing I can’t thank Elena enough!

CT – Breast Reduction

Obviously having any sort of surgery is a big decision and sometimes a nerve-wracking one but I cannot express how happy I am that I chose Elena as my surgeon. She was attentive, thorough and made me feel so at ease at all times. Thanks to her work ethic and professionalism I knew my surgery would be a success and it was. The after care she provides is also fantastic and I cannot emphasise how happy I am with my choice. Both Elena and her practice team are with you every step of the way and couldn't have been any kinder. So basically- 11/10!

AM – Labiaplasty

If only I'd known about Elena years ago. I'd been wanting to have surgery since I was diagnosed with Tuberous Breasts in puberty. Elena’s before & afters were the best I'd seen, they were all beautifully natural & in-proportion. I felt safe from my first consultation with Elena. She is honest, professional & extremely thorough in her process. The care I received has been superb & her team were brilliant. Now five weeks post-op & I can say the results are better than I ever could have imagined. I'd recommend Elena to anyone who is looking for the best possible experience, especially those looking to have surgery for Tuberous Breasts. It's truly been a life changing gift & I can finally love my body.

OH – Breast Surgery

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