Corrective surgery is a treatment a patient may be considering if they are unhappy or dissatisfied with their previous surgery performed by a different surgeon.

Sometimes, due to the passage of time or because of the unique way a patient can react to surgery, there may be a need to revisit and correct cosmetic procedures – this is also called corrective, or secondary surgery.

This process of correcting and improving upon previous cosmetic surgery is an area of expertise for one of the UK’s leading surgeons, Elena Prousskaia. In this page, we look at:

• how secondary, corrective surgery can become necessary
• areas of the face and body suitable for corrective surgical procedures
• what corrective surgery can entail

What is Corrective Secondary Surgery?

Corrective or secondary surgery is any procedure that becomes necessary at some stage in the future following an initial treatment. This form of surgery is different from a planned follow-up. Corrective surgery can be something wholly unplanned: the result of the unpredictable nature of treatment or surgeon error.

In all cases it can be challenging for the patient. It is, after all, surgery they never imagined being necessary. The skill of the corrective surgeon lies in being able to carry out all procedures but also to act with empathy and understanding towards anyone seeking secondary surgical procedures.

The Unpredictable Nature of Surgery

This is not intended as a get out for surgeons. World leading surgeons such as Elena are judged by their results and, as Elena’s reviews show, these are universally positive. But human tissue is unpredictable. Different people can react in different ways. Some patients might show signs of ageing more quickly than would typically be expected, others might suffer from poor scar formation.

Perhaps, ultimately, the reason why secondary surgery is required is not of prime importance, it can be enough for a patient to know that it is possible and that a surgeon can remedy the impact of time, poor surgery or unpredictable initial recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Corrective / Secondary Cosmetic Surgery Applicable ?

At a detailed consultation it would be possible for Elena to assess the suitability of secondary surgery and talk you through any procedure and its likely results.

Can I Prevent the Impact of Ageing?

Unfortunately, we all age and, importantly, ageing continues after cosmetic surgery. The initial surgery might have been performed to the highest of standards, but the passing of time, and the unpredictable nature of ageing can lead to the results changing over time. Areas that were lifted in a facelift might sag once more or the shape of breasts might change in the years following implants or a reduction. The initial surgeon should have made these possibilities clear to the patient, outlining that over the following decades it might become desirable to have secondary surgery. If the initial surgery was motivated by a desire to lessen the impact of ageing, it is not uncommon for further ageing to require further treatment.

What if Initial Surgery Was Performed Poorly?

It can be very upsetting for a patient to have to seek a remedy for a flawed initial procedure. It is easy to say that this should not happen, that any qualified cosmetic surgeon should always deliver excellent results, but sadly this is not the case. Elena, like many other leading surgeons, is often contacted by distressed patients who have been let down by their initial surgeon. In these cases, the manner of the secondary surgeon is of vital performance as they look to both correct the procedure and do so in a compassionate manner that help rebuild self-esteem and lessen the impact of what must be a harrowing experience. The job of this surgeon in this case is two-fold. To help the patient receive the results they wanted in the first place, but also to wipe away the impact of that initial bad experience.  This through empathy, calmness and kindness and the highest standards of pre and after care.

What if There is a Complication with the First Surgery ?

This is separate to the surgery being performed badly in that the complication could not have been predicted (an outcome that should have been predicted by a competent surgeon would of course be surgeon error). An example here would be an infection that affects the end result. It might be this infection is unrelated to the surgery and completely unpredictable. Regardless of what the complication is, the impact can be detrimental for the surgical procedure so a secondary operation is required.

What can be Treated with Corrective / Secondary Surgery?

The most common procedures are face and neck lifts and also breast surgeries. Other procedures are entirely possible and Elena will happily discuss them in an obligation-free consultation. Face and neck lifts can help address the further sagging and loosening of skin from the passage of time and also tackle sub-optimal initial surgery. Elena often finds that the initial surgery has not been as detailed as it should have been, too much skin removed for the underlying tissue. For the surgeon tasked with performing a secondary procedure it can be more challenging than working with a patient who has never had surgery. The initial removal of skin may mean there is less to work with. The skill, experience and proven track record of the surgeon is essential, so too their ability to relay information to the patient. Gallery: Examples of Face and Neck Lifts performed by Elena Breast surgery is the other common area for secondary procedures, this often involving re-positioning of the implants or downsizing from implants that were too large (and perhaps should not have been used by the initial surgeon). Elena’s experience, including the fact she held one of the UK’s leading Fellowships in Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction and Breast Oncoplastic Surgery at Guys and St Thomas’ highlights her eminent suitability for these corrective procedures. Changes might have been brought about by ageing, or pregnancy or even implant rupturing can be rectified, with the breasts ultimately re-shaped, lifted and internal scar tissue removed. Only a surgeon capable in all modern techniques and with complete knowledge can be sure to achieve the highest levels of results. It is also worth noting that as one of a small group of leading female surgeons in the UK, Elena is perhaps uniquely positioned to understand the psychological impact of procedures too. Breast surgery can also be combined to form a Mummy Makeover, this potentially including a Tummy Tuck and liposuction.

Why Should I consider Elena for Corrective Surgery?

Elena has vast experience in all aspects of cosmetic surgery, having trained for eight years in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery before going on to hold leading positions around the world. She is one the world’s leading female cosmetic surgeons. Elena has held some of the most prestigious Fellowships, these including famous hospitals like London’s Guys and St Thomas’ as well as positions in India, Italy, Spain and the stunning University Hospital in Tokyo, a facility where she learnt about the latest advances in plastic surgery, many of these helping in the field of corrective surgery. Just as important is her manner and ethos, and perhaps this is especially true for when the prospective patient is considering corrective, secondary surgery. Any patient in this situation requires sensitivity and a surgeon who can talk through the options, show understanding and give a realistic assessment of the likely results of any further surgery. As Elena says: “The one thing that matters most to me when I am with a patient is empathy. It is only when you are able to identify and understand your patients problems that you can begin to help resolve them satisfactorily. A good surgical outcome is not the only thing that matters. Everything that you do and say to a patient has to come from your heart.” This ethos and manner with patients is reflected in independent, verified reviews. On both Google and ‘I want great care’, Elena has universally five-star reviews. Please take the time to read the reviews. View our reviews on I Want Great Care  or Google reviews

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Had surgeon with Elena in September, I was extremely anxious about the whole thing, but Elena and her whole team, from admin to the hospital staff were amazing with me and reassured me throughout my journey. I can not recommend Elena enough, and she has changed my life for the better! Already saving for my next operation with her!

SM – Abdominoplasty & Arm Lift

From the first consultation with Elena I knew I had chosen well, she explains everything to you in the way a person can understand. I wish I had it done long ago as this has changed my life. I am 100% pleased with the outcome. There are things you have to do to help with healing but this is explained to you. I am now a month on from surgery, Elena is very pleased with my progress. I went to the Spire and all the staff were very kind and professional. The anaesthetist came to talk to me and Elena came to visit me before my surgery. I am forever grateful to Elena for her kindness, understanding and outstanding work as a plastic surgeon.

CW – Breast Reduction

As I write this review I’m led on a sun lounger on holiday in a swimsuit which actually fits me, the first time in years I am not wearing an ill fitted costume with a bra underneath just to hold me up and it’s all thanks to Elena.  I cannot recommend her highly enough! I had thought about a breast reduction for many years but never had the courage to go for it but I am so so pleased I finally decided to go for it, from my initial consultation I knew I was making the right decision. Elena and her PA Heather were great from the beginning talking me through everything and answered any questions I had at any time. Absolutely amazing I can’t thank Elena enough!

CT – Breast Reduction

Obviously having any sort of surgery is a big decision and sometimes a nerve-wracking one but I cannot express how happy I am that I chose Elena as my surgeon. She was attentive, thorough and made me feel so at ease at all times. Thanks to her work ethic and professionalism I knew my surgery would be a success and it was. The after care she provides is also fantastic and I cannot emphasise how happy I am with my choice. Both Elena and her practice team are with you every step of the way and couldn't have been any kinder. So basically- 11/10!

AM – Labiaplasty

If only I'd known about Elena years ago. I'd been wanting to have surgery since I was diagnosed with Tuberous Breasts in puberty. Elena’s before & afters were the best I'd seen, they were all beautifully natural & in-proportion. I felt safe from my first consultation with Elena. She is honest, professional & extremely thorough in her process. The care I received has been superb & her team were brilliant. Now five weeks post-op & I can say the results are better than I ever could have imagined. I'd recommend Elena to anyone who is looking for the best possible experience, especially those looking to have surgery for Tuberous Breasts. It's truly been a life changing gift & I can finally love my body.

OH – Breast Surgery

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