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Elena Prousskaia Plastic Surgery at the BMI Bath Hospital

Leading UK cosmetic surgeon Elena Prousskaia offers a range of expert and trusted plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments in Bath at the BMI Bath clinic – a well-known, private hospital in the region.

The Bath clinic is one of a number of UK clinics offered by Elena; all guaranteeing the highest standards and latest techniques in plastic and cosmetic surgery. This page will introduce you to both Elena’s approach to cosmetic surgery, and the facilities offered at BMI Bath. We’re confident this combination means you are – literally – in the best possible hands.

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Treatments in Bath

Elena’s surgical accomplishments and experience mean she is able to offer a wide range of treatments including:

About the BMI Bath Clinic in BA2 7BR

With 67 beds, all boasting en-suite facilities and satellite TV, BMI Bath combines luxurious facilities with two superbly equipped operating theatres. Easily accessible from central Bath via the A3062, or from Bristol by following the A4 past Keynsham and through Saltford to Coombe Down. There is also a convenient bus link from Heathrow Airport.

Claverton Down Rd, Combe Down, Bath, BA2 7BR

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If only I'd known about Elena years ago. I'd been wanting to have surgery since I was diagnosed with Tuberous Breasts in puberty. Elena’s before & afters were the best I'd seen, they were all beautifully natural & in-proportion. I felt safe from my first consultation with Elena. She is honest, professional & extremely thorough in her process. The care I received has been superb & her team were brilliant. Now five weeks post-op & I can say the results are better than I ever could have imagined. I'd recommend Elena to anyone who is looking for the best possible experience, especially those looking to have surgery for Tuberous Breasts. It's truly been a life changing gift & I can finally love my body.

OH – Breast Surgery

I could not recommend Elena more. I have recently been to see her for a check-up 8 months post-surgery and she is still so professional and kind, always seems happy to see me and never once has made me feel rushed or as if I was being a nuisance. She is such a perfectionist in her work and has achieved a result that far exceeded my expectations. Her talent has changed my life and I will be forever grateful She was very honest from my first appointment about challenges I would face in order to prepare for surgery and was kind and supportive throughout the whole process, even bumping my surgery up to the first slot of the day because she knew how anxious I was!

AA – Breast Surgery

Miss Prousskaia has changed not only my body for the better but my life too & also my kids life, they have a happy mummy again & a tummy to be proud of. If I ever need more surgery in the future I would definitely ask Miss Prousskaia to do it. Miss Prousskaia for me has made my dreams a reality, I was told no one would fix me & that is exactly what she did. I will always be grateful for her work but also her care & understanding, she is a very talented & special lady.

DR – Abdominoplasty Surgery

Elena has a very professional & understanding approach to her work. She may also be a little strict but that is only because she wants the best results for her patients. I'm so happy I picked Elena for my surgery & would definitely recommend her to anyone. She listened to me, understood my concerns & explained everything to me in great detail so I understood the whole procedure from start to finish. Her team of nurses, PA's and anaesthetist are just as great and understanding too. With elena and her team you can't go wrong.

LS – Breast Surgery

Great surgeon, fantastically natural result better than expected, just the right size for my body shape. I trusted Elena from the beginning and left myself into her hands in terms of choosing which implants were right for me after explaining the look I wanted to achieve. "She is very open and honest, explaining all risk above the procedure etc." I am so happy, my only regret is not have done it sooner now! Thanks to Elena I've got my confidence back and I love my body.

AT – Breast Augmentation

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