Close up of a caesarean section scar in a woman. Health and childbirth.
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6 things to know about recovery from the Mummy Makeover | A timeline to your dream body

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Close up of a caesarean section scar in a woman. Health and childbirth.
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We know the decision to get the Mummy Makeover surgery is not simple. The extensive procedure targets several common struggle areas after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Saggy breasts , excess skin, unwanted belly fat, breast asymmetry and lost breast size are common reasons why mums lack body confidence. That can all change with the Mummy Makeover.

The main benefit of the Mummy Makeover is multiple procedures in one. However, a more limiting lifestyle after surgery and the potential complications are possible disadvantages. The Mummy Makeover combines invasive surgery, including the Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, tightening of the abdominal muscles and breast surgery (Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction or Breast Asymmetry Surgery).

This article provides a full recovery timeline, including Q&A sections to help you determine whether the Mummy Makeover is the right procedure for you at your life stage.

Post-surgery rest & recovery: Weeks 1-2

When you choose Elena Prousskaia – a specialist plastic surgeon – you select a comfortable overnight stay at our brand-new North Bristol Private Hospital facility. Many other surgeons offer an outpatient service; however, we believe in the highest standards of care, especially following such an extensive procedure. You’ll receive the full attention of our nurses in our peaceful, private wards and healthy meals to support your initial recovery period.

When you’re ready to leave us, we will provide pain medication, dressings and an aftercare guide. Please do not drive yourself home – if you can’t arrange a lift, we can arrange for a private driver to collect you. It’s also important to abstain from housework for two weeks and avoid straightening your tummy. Avoid heavy lifting and moving your arms above your head to allow wound healing.

What sleeping position is best after the Mummy Makeover?

A: Sleep on your back for 4-6 weeks to avoid straightening your midsection and opening your Tummy Tuck sutures. Avoid sleeping on your stomach until your tummy surgery wounds have completely healed (weeks 6-16 ).

How long do you need to take off work to recover from the Mummy Makeover?

A: You’ll need at least four weeks off after your procedure for office and other sedentary jobs. If you work from home, you could restart after 2 weeks or when it’s comfortable and safe. For more active roles, take up to 8 weeks of recovery time.

How painful is the Mummy Makeover?

A: The Mummy Makeover is an extensive procedure, so you should prepare for moderate to severe pain during the first three days after the procedure. We provide each patient with enough pain medication for the initial recovery period. However, if you require analgesics after this time, use paracetamol, or other over-the-counter pain meds, according to the recommended guidelines.

Begin natural movements: Weeks 2-5

By this stage of recovery, you should introduce gentle movements and parts of your normal routine. You will be able to do light walks outdoors, and you can start to gently lengthen your Tummy Tuck wounds.

If you work from home, you can restart again when it’s comfortable and safe; usually around 2 weeks. However, we recommend waiting at least 4-6 weeks after your procedure to start office-based work and driving. For jobs that require manual labour, or long shifts on your feet, you should wait at least 12 weeks after this surgical procedure to resume work. Heavy weight lifting should be avoided for 8-9 months if you had your abdominal muscles repaired.

How long after the Mummy Makeover can you start working out?

A: Avoid heavy lifting and other intense exercises for eight months after the makeover surgery. However, you can resume light activities such as walking, yoga, Pilates or gentle bodyweight training eight weeks after tummy tuck surgery . If you’re worried about exercising, get in touch with your cosmetic surgeon to discuss what is safe during your recovery period.

See the results for yourself: Weeks 4-8

At four weeks, you’ll be invited back for a follow-up to check the healing process, remove your dressings and assess the outcome of the procedure. Your breast implants will have settled by this time, and your abdomen should be healing. You could see your new body in as little as four-six weeks after the Mummy Makeover surgery! Visit our Mummy Makeover gallery for before & after results or read about what to expect from your own Mummy Makeover transformation .

On the left is a woman with large symmetrical breasts but she wanted a Mummy Makeover to correct some excess tummy skin & fat, mild breast drooping and lack of volume. On the right are the results: wonderfully full, perky and symmetrical breasts and a flat, toned stomach

After your surgeon has given you the go-ahead, you can start gentle exercise, such as floor Pilates, yoga or walking.

Care for your scars: Weeks 6-16

You should start caring for your cosmetic surgery scars once your wounds have fully healed and your dressings removed. Healed wounds look pink but should fade to white and sit flat on the skin if taken care of properly.

A woman caresses her lower abdomen where she has a horizontal scar along the bikini line.

To help with your healing and avoid unfavourable scarring, follow our patient scar guide below:

  • Eat a diet rich in protein – animal protein is best, but if you’re vegan, include tofu, chickpeas or quinoa. Dietary protein intake is essential for wound healing.

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables – vitamins and minerals will help encourage a fast recovery time. Vitamin C is essential for collagen production.

  • Don’t avoid fats – fat sources such as nuts, seeds, salmon, eggs and dairy are good sources of vitamin E – essential for healthy skin.

What do you need to put on scars to improve healing?

A: You can use a silicone gel to apply your makeover surgery scars daily once the skin is healed. Use small circular motions along your scars to promote healthy skin repair. Look for ingredients such as collagen peptides, vitamin C, vitamin E or hyaluronic acid in your cream/gel for the best results. Don’t neglect your liposuction scars; otherwise, you could have dimples in the skin.

3 Pillars for maintaining your Mummy Makeover: 8+ months

A healthy lifestyle and diet are crucial for cosmetic surgery recovery and maintaining the Mummy Makeover results. After all, you’ve endured such a lengthy recovery process and experienced a drastic transformation – it’s the perfect motivator.

You should follow a healthy diet throughout your plastic surgery recovery. However, you’ll get the go-ahead for your typical exercise routine at eight months. You should prioritise the following three things in your lifestyle after plastic surgery.

  • Regular exercise – the best exercise routine is one you’re consistent with. However, a combination of resistance and aerobic exercise is the best for maintaining the results of your Mummy Makeover surgery .

  • Good nutrition – Include plenty of protein and fibre in every meal. Also, prioritise fresh produce over processed ‘diet’ foods.

  • Mental health & self-care – Looking after your body is one of the best forms of self-care. However, be careful not to take extreme measures to maintain the results of your procedure. This could lead to disordered eating or other health issues, so cut yourself some slack if you have a setback.

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