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When it’s better to get a Mummy Makeover abroad

Published by Elena Prousskaia Elena Prousskaia
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Daydreaming about the perfect breast shape and a toned tummy? Your dream body could become a reality with the Mummy Makeover surgery – a quick flight to Turkey and you’re changed forever, but is it too good to be true? You might think it’s worth taking the risk of travelling abroad for a cosmetic procedure for the attractive price tag but without stringent aftercare, robust surgical regulations or credentials – you put yourself in danger or risk unsatisfactory results.

Discover the best country for plastic surgery if you’re from the UK, how you can find the cheapest procedure and when to choose an overseas clinic.

Where is the best country for a Mummy Makeover?

Surgical excellence is available globally but there are many hot spots for medical tourism. Popular locations for the Mummy Makeover are the UK, South Korea, the US, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Lithuania.

Turkey is a trendy location for aesthetic plastic surgery. Influencer marketing tactics and digital highlight reels have supercharged the global obsession with getting a cosmetic procedure abroad. Despite the favourable price tag, there are some dangers to consider before making the commitment.

It may seem preferable to choose a plastic surgeon overseas where the exchange rate is generous; however, you pay the price in quality of care. The looser regulations on plastic surgery also mean widespread inflated credentials, reviews and ratings, misleading transformations and compromised quality of care. UK residents have the luxury of choosing from some of the most qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons in the world where you’ll find consistently high-quality treatment and patient care.

Why choose cosmetic surgery in the UK

  • The UK has strict plastic surgery regulations, offering the pinnacle of cosmetic surgery procedures

  • Cheap surgery abroad is hit or miss and you daren’t risk encountering dangerous practices

  • Travelling long distances after tummy tuck surgery puts unnecessary stress on the body

  • You can choose from thousands of highly-skilled surgeons and trusted clinics

  • Because there is no language barrier, this reduces the risk of miscommunication

  • You benefit from unrivalled face-to-face support from your surgeon and medical team.

How can you get the cheapest Mummy Makeover?

The benefit of the Mummy Makeover is that the combined surgery includes a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift and breast augmentation into one procedure meaning fewer trips to the hospital and less overall recovery time. A consequence of undergoing a breast augmentation/breast reduction, breast lift, liposuction and tummy tuck simultaneously, is a higher price point.

The single procedure reduces overall surgery costs compared to individual procedures because each patient spends one session in the operating theatre and only one night at the clinic. However, there is a considerable price tag attached to post-pregnancy reconstructive surgery if you want life-changing results.

The temptation of medical tourism to reduce the cost of your surgical procedure is apparent but with the inevitable travel and accommodation costs, you may not even save much – meanwhile, you could put yourself in a dangerous position if there is a complication with the procedure.

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as the cost was so much less than in the UK, I decided to go to Praugue to have a tummy tuck. Although the op went ok, I still had a massive bulge on my abdomen

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Most women struggle with diastasis recti following pregnancy – as the tummy grows during pregnancy, the abdominal muscles can separate, leaving you with a bulge or tummy pooch that is difficult to lose. One patient was not happy with their procedure abroad but that all changed after visiting our renowned UK clinic in Bristol.

If you don’t get the results you want after the first procedure, you could face even higher costs to correct your first surgery locally. Moreover, you can’t get round-the-clock support or unlimited follow-ups from a plastic surgeon overseas – you may not even get a single follow-up appointment.

You could save yourself significant time, money and discomfort by choosing the right surgeon from the first instance. The best female reconstructive surgeon in the UK – Elena Prousskaia – specialises in Mummy Makeover surgeries. Reclaim the body you deserve and take your life back. Get a cost breakdown for the Mummy Makeover.

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(After visiting Elena for a correction)…The results, well what can I say apart from absolutly amazing. My abdomen bulge has gone and it’s only three months since the op so in another few months it will be even better. I am so happy. The aftercare is first class, I couldn’t have wished for better care from the nurses or Elena

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When should you choose a facility abroad?

There are a couple of reasons to choose plastic surgery abroad such as shorter turnarounds and lower procedure costs. You might want to choose surgery overseas if you have family or friends to support you while over there. If you speak the native language, you’re in a favourable position. Here are ten reasons to choose surgery abroad:

  1. You want cheap surgery above all else

  2. You want a quick fix procedure

  3. You speak the native language

  4. You have family and friends abroad to support you throughout your surgery journey – from finding a clinic to aftercare and recovery

  5. You’re confident you trust your surgeon, their reviews, ratings, experience, portfolio and qualifications

  6. You’re willing to take the risk with reduced aftercare if something goes wrong with the surgery

  7. You don’t mind a virtual consultation to decide on your treatment approach

  8. You don’t prioritise a personal relationship with your surgeon

  9. You have a backup plan if your results aren’t what you wanted

  10. You don’t mind the travel and accommodation costs

Long flights increase the risk of life-threatening blood clots (deep vein thrombosis) after surgery, especially if you have additional risk factors. Because the Mummy Makeover is an extensive procedure, you mustn’t fly within four weeks of your surgery. You’ll need to book accommodation near your overseas clinic or stay with family and friends living locally.

Overseas clinics often mislead patients into vistiting without understanding the risks of flying. Choose a surgeon who has your best interests at heart and where patient safety is a top priority. If you don’t choose a local surgeon, you can’t seek their support once you travel back to the UK. If something goes wrong, or you aren’t happy with the result, there’s not a lot you can do.

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How much is the Mummy Makeover UK?

Combining the full tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast augmentation and breast lift and liposuction accumulates to over £20,000 for a world-class patient transformation. However, because the procedures are done during one session, you could save some money but the main benefit of the Mummy Makeoverup is one procedure, one recovery journey and one visit to the hospital.

Suppose you get a botched job from an overseas surgeon, you’ll end up needing a costly correction. So, if you opt for a reputable and trustworthy clinic to begin with you save yourself significant costs. Ms Elena has over 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, she has transformed hundreds of lives. View the Mummy Makeover gallery.

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I did a lot of research and Elena Prousskaia stood out from all the other surgeons so I made an appointment. I was not dissappointed, Elena’s manner and kindness meant a great deal.

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“One day I’ll have the perfect body” – make today, day one

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