Your Tuberous Breast Correction guide: what are your options and how to Choose the right cosmetic surgery
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Breast Augmentation and Lift after Pregnancy – restore your pre-baby body!

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Your Tuberous Breast Correction guide: what are your options and how to Choose the right cosmetic surgery
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The hormonal rollercoaster that is pregnancy and infant-rearing has a significant effect on your body – particularly your breasts. Although women’s bodies are miraculous, many mums feel insecure about their bodies after pregnancy.

Women gain breast size during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and once your baby no longer requires breast milk, your boobs can either return to their normal size, shrink smaller than usual or remain enlarged. But a ubiquitous experience for new mums is breast sagging.

Unfortunately, addressing breast concerns is usually only possible through surgery. Many women choose a breast augmentation to improve the appearance of their boobs but we explore some other options for mums. You’ll learn everything you need to know about post-pregnancy surgery.

How to fix sagging breasts after pregnancy?

Changes in breast shape and size are normal after pregnancy. After gaining and losing significant breast volume during pregnancy and breastfeeding, breasts usually sag, which can contribute to confidence issues after a baby. Weight loss can help reduce the size of large breasts but for other concerns, breast surgery is the only option.

Breast augmentation and breast lift

The most common complaint after a baby is breast shrinkage and sagging. In this case, you can opt for breast enlargement using implants and a breast lift surgery to rejuvenate your boobs. For a more natural breast shape, you can choose the teardrop breast implant, for fuller breasts (in the upper portion) choose the round silicone implants.

Achieve perky and full breasts with Breast Augmentation and lift

Breast reduction and breast lift

Some women gain persistent breast volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding. The extra volume can cause the breasts to sag and lead to other issues such as back pain or discomfort. Weight loss can help reduce breast tissue but exercising is difficult with disproportionately large or sagging breasts.

A breast reduction can help alleviate your discomfort, improve breast shape/size and correct asymmetry. Meanwhile, the breast lift can give you the perky breast shape that weight loss can’t achieve. The breast reduction doesn’t use breast implants, so you’re left with natural-looking results.

Improve your confidence with Breast Reduction and lift

Areola reduction

During the second and third trimesters, the areolas enlarge and darken for breastfeeding. These characteristics often remain, even after you’ve finished breastfeeding. If you’re insecure about your areola size, you can undergo a surgical procedure to reduce them. A specialist plastic surgeon will remove a doughnut of skin around the areola, leaving a discreet circular scar.

How long should you wait after a baby to get a boob job?

Every pregnancy recovery journey is different. However, you should wait at least 3-6 months after giving birth (if you don’t breastfeed) or 3-6 months after finishing breastfeeding to get breast surgery. Breasts often increase in size and become more asymmetrical after birth, so it’s important to wait for the changes to settle before getting cosmetic surgery.

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Will implants stop you from breastfeeding?

Breast implant surgery won’t prevent you from being able to breastfeed but the chance of complications increases after the breast augmentation surgery. 82% of women are able to breastfeed normally with breast implants. However, 18% may experience pain, mastitis, insufficient or excessive milk production and nipple inversion due to their implants.

Another baby could also alter your breast augmentation procedure results, causing more sagging and asymmetry and a subsequent surgery carries greater risks. However, pregnancy won’t ruin breast implants.

Consider whether it’s worth waiting until after your final baby to have a breast augmentation; you’ll reduce the risks involved with breastfeeding. If you are willing to wait for surgery, you could opt for a more transformative procedure which targets several areas of the ‘baby body’ – excess tummy fat, stretch marks, loose skin, abdominal bulge and sagging breasts.

Get your dream body after having a baby

The Mummy Makeover surgery is a transformative procedure which restores your pre-baby body and more. You’ll benefit from a tummy tuck (including a repair of the abdominal muscles damaged during pregnancy) liposuction, breast augmentation and non-invasive skin tightening. Patients of Elena mention that they’ve “never looked better” and that their confidence is restored – read our testimonials and third-party reviews

“I’m still completely blown away and it’s hard to put into words how happy I am with my complete body transformation. Elena and her team have given me my life back…Having the Mummy Makeover really helped me have confidence about how I look and feel”

– patient, 2019

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The procedure involves several types of surgery at once so you reduce the number of visits to the hospital. Patients prefer the outcome of the Mummy Makeover surgery because they get stunning breasts and a youthful, toned stomach to match. Mums can reverse the changes of pregnancy – stretch marks, loose skin, weight gain, sagging breasts, asymmetry and the lack of/excessive breast volume – “The surgery is truly life-changing!” View our Mummy Makeover gallery.

The main thing to consider is that a full recovery from the Mummy Makeover takes 8-12 months (although light movement is permitted from 8 weeks).

Is the Mummy Makeover right for you?

The complication risk of the Mummy Makeover is higher than with a single procedure; so if you are underweight (below BMI 18) or obese (above BMI 29), we’ll need to assess the safety of your procedure at your initial consultation.

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