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This full-body transformation involves a combination of procedures in one for a life-changing aesthetic correction after pregnancy and childbirth. The benefits of the Mummy Makeover are fewer visits to the hospital, a quicker overall recovery time and a cheaper price compared to multiple individual procedures.

However, the Mummy Makeover is a costly procedure so it’s essential you thoroughly research what’s involved, before and after transformations, preparation and recovery. Many women choose to travel abroad to save money without knowing the risks. You could end up needing a corrective procedure.

Usually, patients pay at least £16,000 for the makeover but prices vary depending on the number of procedures required. The procedure involves a breast surgery such as a breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift (or a combination). Liposuction removes excess fat tissue while a tummy tuck removes excess skin (including your worst stretch marks) and fat from the belly while correcting diastasis recti. Non-invasive body contouring rejuvenates your skin helping it to bounce back after surgery.

You’ll receive a quote to reflect the discussions in your Mummy Makeover consultation which will include all of the procedures you need to achieve your desired appearance.

Comparing Mummy Makeover cost UK

Many clinics offer a Mummy Makeover; even if they don’t explicitly advertise this, is a common procedure. The Makeover is a combined procedure which is useful for those who want a total transformation. In this section, we compare Mummy Makeover costs from prestigious UK clinics so you can find the best option.

Elena Prousskaia

Spire Healthcare

Nuffield Health

MYA Cosmetic Surgery

The Private Clinic

The Cadogan Clinic

Procedure (starting)






£16,000 (no lipo)

Initial consultation







0% APR finance available








5.0 stars

2.3 stars

3.3 stars

4.5 stars

4.7 stars

4.5 stars

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At first glance, some clinics offer cheap surgical procedures or free consultations. It can be tempting to choose the most economical option or a risk-free assessment, especially since you’ll be spending a lot of your hard-earned money. We understand it’s a significant investment which is why we want you to choose the surgery that will provide the perfect outcome and experience the first time around.

Elena exceeds the other clinics with a consistent 5-star rating. Ms Prousskaia and her team of expert surgeons believe delivering an exceptional cosmetic result is only one part of the service. You can expect compassion, ongoing support and unrivalled expertise from the best female plastic surgeon in the UK.

“I never discharge my patients, if they have a question or want to see me about their cosmetic procedures, they can always email or call and I will answer. My patient’s well-being is my top priority”

– Elena Prousskaia, 2023

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Why should you pay for a consultation?

Many clinics offer free consultations; they’re effective at tempting new clients through the door. Although enticing, a risk-free assessment can be unhelpful. Medical experts avoid allocating precious time to free sessions so they’re usually brief.

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As a result, you may not have the time to learn everything or understand the best treatment plan for you. You could leave your assessment with more questions than you started with – being no closer to a decision.

A paid consultation is much more comprehensive. Your consultant surgeon takes the time to get to know you and your situation, you’ll feel much more reassured about your cosmetic surgery journey. Dr Elena emphasises her patient relationships – it’s important that you feel comfortable and excited rather than apprehensive about your plastic surgery

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Dr Elena always explained things with such clarity and honesty. Even after my surgery, when I felt anxious… Dr Elena Would always respond to my queries.

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Consultations cost between £100 and £250 but there are some anomalies for very prestigious practitioners. Ms Prousskaia has over 20 years of experience in reconstructive surgery, her work is award-winning, and as a result, these skills are in high demand, especially since she opened a brand new state-of-the-art facility in north Bristol.

Which Mummy Makeover should you choose?

Every patient’s requirements will be different, which is why you should choose the most skilled surgeon who will be able to achieve the lasting results you want. Also consider the aftercare, recovery, support and bedside care before going ahead with the cheapest option.

A high price is not always an indication that a procedure is better, nor a low price an indication of poor quality. However, cheap plastic surgery can often mean you compromise on aftercare, your recovery, support, reassurance or even aesthetic satisfaction. You could spend more money on a secondary corrective procedure if you didn’t get the results that you initially wanted.

What do our patients say about the Mummy Makeover?

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Patient stories

Instead, ensure you research testimonials reviews and before & after transformations. Cosmetic results are always extremely important and choosing the right surgical team is critical but consider your wider plastic surgery experience. You’ll have months leading up to and recovering from your Mummy Makeover surgery so having excellent support is essential. You’ll also want a skilled surgeon who can minimise your recovery period and scarring.

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I am really happy with the tiny scars that she has left and I have healed incredibily quickly

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When you have your initial consultation, you’ll have a gut feeling about whether the clinic is right for you. Luckily, our satisfied patients didn’t hesitate in choosing Ms Elena and her supportive team for their total body transformation. Our patients enjoy every step of the journey towards restoring their pre-pregnancy bodies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What factors affect the cost of the Mummy Makeover?

  • Your Tummy Tuck type: there are several types of tummy surgery, including the mini tummy tuck, expanded tummy tuck and the Fleur de lis. The more technical the procedure, the more costly it will be.

  • Whether you need a breast reduction or augmentation: Usually, a breast reduction is more expensive because it is more technically demanding compared to implantation surgery.

  • The number of necessary lipo sites: someone who doesn’t need lipo will spend considerably less than someone needing four or more lipo sites.

  • Diastasis recti: Many women struggle with a separation of the abdominal wall during pregnancy but if you haven’t, your tummy tuck will be more straightforward to achieve.

  • Breast asymmetry: Correcting breast asymmetry is complex so can add some cost to your procedure if it’s severe, especially combined with a breast uplift or augmentation.

What are the costs of aftercare services for the Mummy Makeover?

We include your one-night stay at North Bristol Private Hospital, your meals and bedside care as standard. We’ll also send you home with all the medication and dressings you’ll need in recovery. Follow-ups are scheduled for 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months but you can always get in touch for helpful tips, advice or reassurance.

What are the costs of revision surgeries after the Mummy Makeover?

If you’re not happy with the result of your Mummy Makeover from another clinic, Elena offers corrections quoted according to your initial assessment. Interventions after an existing surgery can vary significantly. For example, breast implant rejection can cause the growth of scar tissue around the implant (capsular contracture). Diastasis recti can cause a tummy bulge if not corrected properly in the first procedure. Breast asymmetry or excess sagging can occur if the first surgeon was careless in their initial approach. Each revision will look different. Check our price guide for an approximate figure.

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