Should I get a breast augmentation to correct tuberous breasts?
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How much is the Mummy Makeover? A cost breakdown

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Should I get a breast augmentation to correct tuberous breasts?
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You can go abroad for plastic surgery; it’s a popular choice for saving some money on your procedure. However, this dangerous trend puts you at unnecessary risk of life-threatening DVT if you fly within four weeks of your operation. Moreover, strict regulations in the UK mean you’re always more likely to encounter a trustworthy and highly-skilled plastic surgeon who can deliver the results you want. Question why you might want to get a Mummy Makeover abroad?

The full-body Mummy Makeover surgery involves a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast surgery, such as breast enlargement, breast reduction and breast uplift, and liposuction for post-pregnancy fat removal. The process aims to reduce excess belly fat, stretch marks, excess skin, diastasis recti and breast sagging from pregnancy and breastfeeding. The result from the Mummy Makeover is life-changing and most patients regain their pre-baby body, confidence, sense of self and more.

How much does the Mummy Makeover cost in the UK?

When you choose a full-body transformation, you reduce the overall recovery time and the number of trips to the hospital. General surgery costs are also kept to a minimum since you only undergo a single combined procedure.

General procedure costs include:

  • One dose of general anaesthesia

  • Two-night stay at the clinic, including nutritious meals for optimal recovery (3 nights in specific cases)

  • Dressings and prescription pain medication

  • Follow-up appointments

Costs per procedure:

You will not require all five techniques in your Mummy Makeover surgery. Most patients need a maximum of four surgery techniques: breast uplift, breast augmentation or breast reduction, liposuction and a tummy tuck.


Starting cost

Breast Augmentation


Breast Uplift


Breast Reduction


Tummy Tuck




For a breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction you’d be looking at an overall procedure cost of £29,600. However, the combined procedure with Elena usually costs around 18-25k and rarely exceeds 22k, even for special cases. You can finance the procedure with 0% APR. We quote a price for the procedure at your initial consultation which may vary from the figures stated above. Every procedure is different and you may require a simple or more complex approach to correct your concerns.

What can affect the cost of the Mummy Makeover?

Bariatric tummy tucks are sometimes necessary to remove unwanted tummy fat and excess skin in obese patients who can’t lose weight naturally. The additional safety precautions associated with bariatric tummy tucks make the procedures more complicated.

Diastasis recti is a common feature of post-baby bellies, there is usually a vertical bulge in the abdomen due to weak or separated rectus abdominis (your ‘six-pack’ abdominal muscles). Not all women struggle with this after pregnancy making your tummy correction simpler.

Finally, depending on where your tummy fat lies on your abdomen and how much you have, will determine which type of tummy tuck you need. The mini tummy tuck is the simplest and the Fleur de Lis is the most complex.

The following lists more reasons your makeover surgery costs are different than expected:

  • Whether you need a full, mini or fleur de lis tummy tuck

  • Whether you need abdominal muscle repair

  • Whether you want non-surgical skin tightening

  • How many liposuction sites you need

  • Whether you’re a bariatric patient

Is the Mummy Makeover surgery worth it?

This procedure is truly life-changing and for the best results, you need to choose a reputable plastic surgeon who will support you throughout your cosmetic surgery journey. Elena Prousskaia’s patient testimonials express delight over choosing to get the Mummy Makeover procedure with her. Ms Elena’s experience, knowledge, empathy and support is unmatched in the industry.

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Do not hesitate to book in for a consultation with Elena… you won’t regret it and choosing Elena to be my surgeon was the best choice I have ever made!

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Why does the Mummy Makeover cost so much?

We understand that plastic surgery is a luxury – there are countless mums looking to improve their body image but may not have the facilities to pay in full for a transformative procedure. There are cheaper options available, however, we’ll never offer a budget surgery option and put your life at risk. I have built my medical reputation on world-class surgery – my surgery transformations speak for themselves. If you choose to go for the procedure with us, we’ll guarantee a satisfactory result and the best chance of a speedy recovery from the Mummy Makeover.

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I do not believe another surgeon could have achieved as great a result as her!

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Weigh up the benefits and risks of choosing a cheaper makeover surgery option, you might find that you’ll need a follow-up correction, or end up living with unsatisfactory results. In the worst case you risk life-threatening surgical complications. It may end up being financially favourable to opt for a premium treatment service where your ongoing care is the top priority.

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Pros and cons of premium cosmetic surgery



  • World-class surgeons

  • Top of the range facilities

  • Unparalleled aftercare

  • Optimal recovery and patient care

  • 24/7 support

  • 0% finance available

  • Higher cost

  • Travel to North Bristol Private Hospital or nearest clinic

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How long do the results from the Mummy Makeover last?

Your Mummy Makeover results are permanent if you follow the aftercare and recovery guidance from your plastic surgeon and implement a healthy exercise regime and diet. If you get pregnant again after recovering from the procedure, you could reverse some of the outcomes. Bear this in mind before the surgery, if you plan on having more children.

If you gain any weight back, you might deal with excess belly fat or overhanging, excess skin or even breast sagging. You can get a subsequent makeover surgery to fix any new concerns, but these surgeries (particularly the tummy tuck) can pose additional risks so it’s much easier to maintain your results rather than rely on a secondary procedure.

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