Transforming tuberous breasts | Specialist breast reconstruction techniques for the perfect boobs
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Transforming tuberous breasts | Specialist breast reconstruction techniques for the perfect boobs

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Transforming tuberous breasts | Specialist breast reconstruction techniques for the perfect boobs
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Despite the several different types of tuberous breast deformity the following features are common in patients:

  • Conic, cylindrical or oval shape
  • Small breast base
  • Underdevelopment
  • High inframammary fold
  • Skin deficiency under the areola
  • Herniation of the nipple-areolar complex (NAC)

The causes of tuberous breasts is not clear but constricting collagen fibres combined with a weakness in the NAC contribute to the features described above. As a result, a specialist plastic surgery approach needs to be taken to fix the deformity. In this article, we explain how tuberous breast tissue remodelling works, the benefits and limitations and how a surgeon plans and performs tuberous breast correction to achieve your desired cosmetic result.

Revolutionary surgical techniques in tuberous breast reconstruction

Several techniques are used to correct the tuberous breast deformity. Firstly, the breast shape and constriction is fixed with using tissue remodelling. Then nipple correction can be used to fix herniation of the NAC and enlarged areolas. Most patients also opt for a breast augmentation to improve breast shape, volume and asymmetry.

Here are some additional techniques that don’t involve implants which can be used to fix the tubular deformity:

The benefits of autologous tuberous breast reconstruction

Autologous breast reconstruction uses the patient’s own tissue to correct the breast deformity. In the case of tubular breasts where there is a small breast base, the existing breast tissue can be redistributed to widen the breast base. The benefits include the following:

  • Improved breast shape
  • Natural breast feel and ape
  • Option for implant-free reconstruction

Limitations of autologous tuberous breast reconstruction

Although this revolutionary approach helps to create beautiful, naturally shaped breasts, there are certain limitations to using this isolated technique. Which we detail below:

Limited symmetry correction possibilities

Most patients have breast asymmetry which is difficult to fix using only existing breast tissue, for this reason, breast implant surgery or fat grafting can add volume to the breast to even out asymmetry.

a woman with large but moderately asymmetrical breasts

No increased breast size

When you use natural breast tissue to fix the tuberous breast deformity, there is no option to increase breast size and since breast underdevelopment is a common problem in tuberous breast patients, a breast augmentation is usually preferred for achieving the perfect breast shape and size.

We have two breast implant types; a more natural teardrop shape and a rounder implant which gives fullness in the upper breast pole.

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Possible risks of breast reconstruction surgery

There are always risks to any surgical procedure, read our eligibility requirements to check if you are at risk of surgical complications. If you notice that your post-op symptoms are unusual, get in touch with your plastic surgeon to assess your recovery.

Planning and executing your individualised tuberous breast correction

In your initial consultation, your surgeon will evaluate which surgery procedures will be available for you based on skin quality, breast volume and areola herniation and your desired cosmetic results.

During the surgery, the specialist plastic surgeon will release the constricting fibres in the breast to allow the breast to take a more natural shape. Tissue remodelling helps to fill the lower pole of the breast to create a teardop shape and lower the inframammary fold (breast crease). If your surgeon has planned this, you will also get an areola reduction to improve the shape and symmetry of your nipples/areolas.

Finally, breast augmentation and breast asymmetry surgery can help create fuller, even breasts. Correcting your asymmetry and breast shape is meticulously planned before your surgery goes ahead.

Finding the right surgeon for tuberous breast correction

The tuberous breast deformity is complex to correct so it is crucial you find a specialist plastic surgeon who is experienced in this kind of breast reconstruction. Research surgical credentials – identify board certification from the Royal College of Surgeons (UK) for EBOPRAS (EU).

Next, look at before and after transformations for tuberous breast surgery. View Elena Prousskaia’s treatment gallery and learn what’s possible for you. Ms Elena has helped countless women gain their confidence back and her patient-first approach prioritises sincerity and comfort – she dedicates her work to improving the well-being of her patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What before and after results can I expect after tuberous breast surgery?

Elena Prousskaia has a track record for correcting even the most severe cases of tuberous breast deformities. However, there are always limitations to cosmetic surgery, view transformation photos here.

What is recovery like after tubular breast correction surgery?

Tuberous breast surgery recovery takes up to 12 weeks; the first four weeks you will need to limit your excursion. After four weeks your implants will have settled and you’ll be able to see your final results.

How much does tuberous breast surgery cost?

Because of the complexity of the tuberous breast correction, the procedure starts at £6830. However, you’ll gauge how much your procedure could cost after your initial consultation. Read about Tuberous Breast Surgery costs and payment.

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