Recovery from Tuberous Breast Correction | What to expect from this kind of plastic surgery
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Recovery from Tuberous Breast Correction | What to expect from this kind of plastic surgery

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Recovery from Tuberous Breast Correction | What to expect from this kind of plastic surgery
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The approach taken to correct a tuberous breast deformity means that recovery can take longer than a typical breast augmentation. The following features are typical of a tubular breast deformity: breast constriction, herniated nipples, asymmetry and underdevelopment (breast hypoplasia) in the lower breast. These characteristics require breast reconstruction before using a breast implant. Breast tissue remodelling can require longer recovery times, and there is always a potential for cosmetic surgery complications .

This article discusses how long it will take you to see the results from your tuberous breast correction and when you return to your usual activities after plastic surgery. We also discuss what is available regarding breast surgery aftercare and when you can expect pain and scarring to subside.

How long does it take to recover from tuberous breast correction?

An overnight hospital stay after a tuberous breast correction is preferable, but if you feel well enough to eat and drink, your plastic surgeon may feel sufficiently reassured for you to leave. Then, it will take up to four weeks for the breast implant to settle and for you to see the results from your breast correction surgery. After four weeks, you can start to wear a soft, supportive bra that fits your new breast shape instead of your post-surgery wraps.

For a significant breast augmentation, we may leave a tissue expander in for 2-3 months so you can accommodate your desired breast impant size.

We will invite you to visit your specialist plastic surgeon – Elena Prousskaia – for a follow-up appointment after four weeks to review and discuss the next stages of your recovery,= such as getting back into an exercise regime or work.

A patient has undergone tuberous breast surgery; on the right is her healed breast augmentation, the scars have healed, and the breasts have a natural shape.

Read our Recovery timeline below:

Weeks from surgery Recovery Benchmark
1-2 Severe pain subsides & you may work from home
2-4 You can begin short drives and office work
4-8 Begin incorporating lower body strength. Wounds have healed, and
breast implants have settled. You can return to work.
8-12 Begin incorporating full-body exercise; avoid heavy weights or
intense training.
12-24 Resume normal exercise routine, increasing intensity as tolerated.
You should have little-no pain.
24-48 Most of your nerve pain should have settled by this point.

When should you go back to work after tuberous breast correction?

Most patients will benefit from four weeks off work for optimal recovery.
However, we understand that not everyone can take this time. You will need to
rest for 2-4 weeks before driving or returning to an office job. Still, if
your job requires more strenuous activity (such as the following), you will
have to leave more time to recover.

  • Standing/walking for long periods
  • Cleaning or cooking
  • Long periods of driving
  • Lifting, carrying or climbing

Use your judgement to decide how long you need to take away from work. If you
have the option to work from home, take advantage of the full four weeks away
from your place of work.

When can you start exercising after tuberous breast correction?

You should include intentional, light movement from 24 hours after your surgery to encourage healthy breast tissue recovery, such as gentle arm and shoulder stretches. How to exercise correctly will be outlined in your aftercare document. It’s important not to avoid movement in your upper body as this can prolong your strength and mobility recovery.

Avoid exercise, sports and strenuous housework that requires heavy lifting or excessive stretching for four weeks. Avoid hoovering, dusting, mowing, mopping or other similar activities. Continue with the recommended exercise outlined in your aftercare document.

After four weeks, you can start a lower-body strengthening plan that avoids excessive strain on the upper body – use exercise machines such as the leg press, leg extension, seated hamstring curl or bodyweight movements such as squats and lunges.

After 8-12 weeks, you may be in the clear to start some gentle upper body or full body exercise such as running or resistance training. Start at a low intensity and increase the intensity based on how well you tolerate this exercise. Avoid high-intensity/heavy exercise such as HIIT or weight training as this can place intense pressure on your healing breast tissue, skin, muscles and joints.

You can resume your usual exercise routine after 12 weeks (3 months). However, you should expect that it will take some time to steadily ramp up exercise intensity. Everyone’s recovery journey is different; some may need more than 12 weeks after tuberous breast correction to return to exercise.

woman clutching the underside of her breast wrapped in a post-surgery bandage

What aftercare will you receive after breast surgery?

When you leave the clinic, we will provide dressings, medication and a guide on aftercare. This guide covers proper care for your wounds and incorporating gentle movement to help maintain muscle and joint mobility.

After a week, we invite you back for a follow-up appointment with your plastic surgeon to check that your tubular breast surgery recovery is on track and that there are no complications. You will get a follow-up at 3-6 months and one year. If you are concerned about the results of your procedure, you can book as many follow-up appointments as you need.

If you want any questions answered in between appointments, get in touch with Elena by phone or by email. Elena explains “If a patient is worried, I am always happy to call back or see them as soon as needed”.

When will the pain and scarring subside after tubular breast surgery?

You will be given pain medications for the first few days after tuberous breast surgery. Most patients stop taking these after 2-3 days as the pain subsides. Your chest will feel tight and swollen for 1-2 weeks after you wake up from your surgery. Ensure you gently move your arms and shoulders to prevent further muscle tightness.

After four weeks, your wounds will have mostly healed, and your scars will be barely visible after 6-8 weeks. Your scars will be subtle, but this can depend on the type of tubular breast surgery performed. To improve the appearance of your surgery scars, drink plenty of water and massage the surgery site with a collagen-boosting oil or cream – unscented is best. Also, eat plenty of protein and vitamin C to promote collagen production and supple scar formation.

You might still feel pain after 12 weeks which is usually related to the nerves in the breast rather than the wounds, breast augmentation or remodelling procedures. Burning, itching, tingling or reduced sensations in the breasts are relatively normal and will subside in 6-12 months.

If you are worried about breast pain, contact your plastic surgeon immediately to arrange a follow-up. Rapid swelling or swelling in one breast, fever or severe pain could indicate a complication in your tuberous breast correction surgery.

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