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How can you fix tubular breasts? | Tuberous breast correction surgery

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Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery
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A breast deformity can severely impact a person’s self-esteem, and many people are looking for ways to fix tuberous breasts. Tuberous or tubular breasts are usually characterised by a conic as opposed to a teardrop shape. Breast asymmetry and underdevelopment (breast hypoplasia) in the inner, outer and undersides is also very common. You may also experience breast drooping or bulging areolas.

Tubular breast deformities are thought to originate in the womb. However, they don’t show until puberty. The deformed breast shape results from collagen-rich fibres constricting the breast parenchyma (breast tissue), which is not straightforward to correct.

Here, we address the possibilities for correcting tuberous breasts and plastic surgery options. You will also learn about the ways to fix tuberous breasts without breast implants and how to choose the best plastic surgeon.

Can you fix tubular breast shape without plastic surgery?

Many cases of tuberous breasts display constriction, meaning the breast tissue cannot develop correctly in horizontal and vertical directions. A fibrous ring of connective tissue is responsible for the constricted breast, which can only be corrected surgically.

Further still, even breast augmentation surgery or fat grafting is insufficient to fix tuberous breasts. The restriction will remain intact, creating a more pronounced deformity or ‘double bubble’ breast appearance. If you are significantly affected by your tuberous breasts, we explore the possible options for surgery, including minimal intervention and transformative cosmetic surgery.

What are the options for tuberous breast surgery?

When you go for a breast surgery consultation, your plastic surgeon will recommend a procedure to deliver the best results. However, the best surgery will always come down to your preferences and the desired outcome.

Breast remodelling

Most types of tubular breast deformity require reconstructive surgery. Firstly, the constricting ring of connective tissue is strategically disturbed so that the breast tissue may be permanently released. Then, in some cases, the breast tissue will be reconstructed; this often involves removing some excess bulging tissue around the areola and folding some of the lower breast tissue in on itself to create lower breast volume. This can be done in a single procedure and requires no breast implant. However, breast remodelling will not address small breast size or asymmetry.

Breast remodelling + Augmentation

Breast augmentation is beneficial for adding breast volume and evening out asymmetry, common concerns with tuberous breast patients. As described above, tissue remodelling is carried out to release and redistribute the breast tissue. Then a tissue expander may be necessary to stretch the skin and the breast tissue to accommodate a breast implant. Tissue expanders will be left in for 2-3 months. Breast reconstruction and augmentation can be completed in one session if tissue expansion is not required.

Breast remodelling + Augmentation + Nipple reduction

Some patients with tuberous breasts will have prolapsed areolas, large and often protruding areolas, which can be undesirable for some women. Breast augmentation and the remodelling will address the breasts’ shape, size and asymmetry. However, the patient may also want a nipple reduction whereby a doughnut of skin is removed to reduce the diameter of the areola. This also helps with breast symmetry.

on the left is a patient with small, asymmetric tubular breasts (type II) with a large, prolapsed areola on the right. On the right, the same woman has had a correction; the breasts are full but natural-looking and symmetrical. Both nipples are a normal size.

Combining this procedure with a breast augmentation is possible if desired.

Breast remodelling +Breast lift (Mastopexy)

Some patients experience significant drooping with tuberous breasts, often requiring a breast lift. Breast augmentation and lift may be desirable in the case of breast sagging combined with a lack of volume; nipple correction is also possible. In this procedure, the inframammary fold will be lowered, and the breast shape will be reconstructed.

The left shows severe type III tuberous breasts with significant drooping. The right shows the correction with good breast volume, shape, symmetry and a lower inframammary fold.

Nipple reduction

A more recent addition to the diagnosis of tuberous breasts is nipple herniation with a normal breast base. In this case, you have normal-shaped breasts but large or protruding nipples/areolas. You may not need breast tissue remodelling, only nipple correction. This is the least invasive of the interventions.

Tuberous breast correction surgery without implants

Many women want natural-looking breasts, or the patient is happy with their current breast size and does not want implants. There are several options if this is the case for you. If you do not want to add volume to your breasts but want to correct any tubular breast syndrome, your options include the following:

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How to choose a surgeon for tuberous breast correction

Correcting this breast deformity is not as straightforward as adding breast implants. The cosmetic surgeon must complete multiple stages of complex breast tissue remodelling before breast implants can be used. For this reason, you must visit a specialist plastic surgeon experienced in tubular breast correction.

“confidence and well-being are normally very affected by how their breasts look. This surgery is truly life-changing.” – Elena Prousskaia, 2023.

Dr Elena Prousskaia is one of the top female surgeons in the UK and an expert in tubular breast correction. Elena specialises in these corrections because a patient’s “confidence and well-being are normally very affected by how their breasts look. This surgery is truly life-changing”.

One patient comments, “I am four weeks post-op, and I couldn’t be happier…following my tuberous breast correction…I finally have the results I’ve always wanted”.

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