Should I get a breast augmentation to correct tuberous breasts?
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Should I get a breast augmentation to correct tuberous breasts?

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Should I get a breast augmentation to correct tuberous breasts?
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Tuberous breast augmentation involves tubular breast tissue remodelling followed by breast implants. Most women prefer this approach because they can improve their breasts’ overall shape and size in a single procedure. Not to mention breast asymmetry is usually addressed using implants. Implant-free options are generally available if you visit a specialist in tuberous breast corrections.

This article discusses correcting tuberous breasts and whether implants are necessary for all patients. Then we explain the benefits of using breast implants and the risks associated with this approach. Finally, we describe the stages of recovery after your surgery and where you can begin your tuberous breast correction journey.

What is the procedure to correct tuberous breasts?

There are several different procedure types to correct a tuberous breast deformity. Due to the nature of the condition, the plastic surgeon may need to use several surgical techniques. These are detailed below:

The best cosmetic surgery approach will depend on the severity of your condition. Most cases require breast reconstruction (tissue remodelling) to correct any tissue constriction, underdevelopment or herniation through the nipple-areola complex. Patients with herniated nipples may want a nipple correction to reduce the size of the areola.

You and your plastic surgeon will decide whether you need/want a breast augmentation, a breast lift or a breast reduction. If you have asymmetry or smaller breasts, you may want a breast augmentation (the surgeon places silicone breast implants underneath your existing breast tissue). Meanwhile, severely drooping or oversized tuberous breasts may require a breast lift or reduction.

A woman with a severe tuberous breast deformity has undergone a correction with breast augmentation with outstanding results.

Can tuberous breast surgery and breast augmentation be performed in the same surgery?

If you don’t require tissue expansion, you will need just one surgery to correct tuberous breasts. This dramatically shortens recovery time and improves cosmetic scarring and scar healing outcomes.

Do you need breast implants to correct tuberous breasts?

Tuberous breast correction with implants is the most popular procedure approach. Many patients with tuberous breast syndrome are conscious of breast hypoplasia (underdevelopment) and asymmetry. Implants help address these concerns.

However, if you prefer to keep your natural breast size, speak with your surgeon about implant-free options. Ms Elena is an award-winning cosmetic surgeon specialising in tuberous breast correction and reconstruction. At your initial consultation, Elena will determine whether an implant-free correction is possible for you. This procedure involves releasing the constricted breast tissue and redistributing misshapen tissue so the breasts form a typical and natural breast shape.

You may be eligible for an implant-free procedure if you have larger breasts or good breast symmetry.

The benefits of tuberous breast augmentation

Breast implants are particularly useful for correcting tuberous breasts because they address many of the features of the condition, such as asymmetry and underdevelopment. We outline the benefits of implants below:

  • Correct asymmetry – implants are the simplest way to correct breast asymmetry. The plastic surgeon simply chooses two different sizes of implants.
  • Increase breast size – a common trait of tuberous breasts is small breast size, and since many women prefer larger breasts, implants are an obvious choice.
  • Improve breast shape – it’s common for women with tuberous breasts to lack sufficient breast tissue in the chest’s inner, outer and upper portions. A breast implant can provide additional breast volume in these areas where tissue remodelling cannot.

A woman with small tuberous breasts has undergone a tuberous breast correction with augmentation and has left with great results.

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The possible downsides of a tuberous breast augmentation

Some women prefer breasts with a natural look and feel. Implants may feel unnatural compared to real breast tissue. Also, if you have small breasts, you may require a tissue expander before breast augmentation. Tissue expanders remain in place for 2-3 months, splitting your surgery into two parts.

What are the risks of tuberous breast augmentation?

Every surgical procedure has certain risks. Breast implants are particularly associated with capsular contracture, where the body encases the breast tissue in calcified scar tissue. Capsular contracture can cause your breast implants to stiffen. Luckily your risk of capsular contracture is relatively low (an average of 10%). However, it would help if you gently massaged your implants after your wounds have healed to reduce your risk.

General risks following surgery include:

  • Infection
  • Internal bleeding (haematoma)
  • Fluid build-up
  • Sensation changes/loss
  • Tissue necrosis

What is recovery like after tuberous breast augmentation?

Tuberous breast surgery recovery usually lasts 12 weeks. We advise that you rest away from your place of work for four weeks and refrain from exercise during this time too. We may recommend a lower body strengthening program after the first four weeks. Then, by 12 weeks, you can resume your usual exercise regimen (allow time to adjust to your previous exercise intensity).

If you require a tissue expander, you will have breast reconstruction surgery in a different procedure than your breast augmentation. Your recovery will be 2-3 months longer if you get tissue expanders.

Where to start with your tuberous breast correction surgery?

If a tuberous breast augmentation sounds like the right surgery for you, speak to Elena Prousskaia, a specialist plastic surgeon in tuberous breast corrections. Elena can advise you on the best surgical approach for your condition and help you achieve the cosmetic results you’ve always wanted. Read our client testimonials.

Now with 0% finance available, inquire about starting your tuberous breast correction today!

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