Your Tuberous Breast Correction guide: what are your options and how to Choose the right cosmetic surgery
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Your Tuberous Breast Correction guide: what are your options and how to Choose the right cosmetic surgery

Published by Elena Prousskaia Elena Prousskaia
Your Tuberous Breast Correction guide: what are your options and how to Choose the right cosmetic surgery
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Tubular breasts are notoriously difficult to correct. The cause of tuberous breasts is unknown but the typical features of the condition result from a skin deficiency, weakness in the nipple-areolar complex and breast constriction which can only be corrected with specialist surgery.

In this article, we discuss the three most important procedures that are used to correct the tuberous breast deformity, these are autologous breast reconstruction or tissue remodelling, breast augmentation and areola reduction. We outline how the surgeon performs these procedures and whether they are necessary for all patients. You’ll also learn how to find the best surgeon for tuberous breast correction.

Do you need a breast augmentation to correct tuberous breasts?

Most patients with tuberous breast deformity have several features including breast hypoplasia (underdevelopment), breast asymmetry and herniated nipple-areolar complex (NAC). For this reason, the most common corrective surgery includes breast augmentation.

However, some options don’t use implants if you prefer a more natural breast appearance and you’re happy with your breast size. A breast lift, breast reduction, nipple correction or tuberous breast reconstruction can all be done without the use of breast implants.

The benefits of a tuberous breast augmentation

The only way to correct breast asymmetry and small breast size is to add a breast implant, (fat transfer is an alternative but we don’t offer this for breast correction).

Breast implants come in two shapes – round and teardrop – the former offers fullness in the upper pole of the breast while the latter provides a more natural breast shape. The choice is yours.

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The risks and limitations of tuberous breast augmentation

For smaller-breasted patients or where there is severe asymmetry, you may need a tissue expander to allow your breasts to accommodate your implants. This can add 2-3 weeks to your recovery time.

The main risk associated with breast implants is capsular contracture, where the body rejects the breast implant and encases it in calcareous tissue. This can cause your implant to feel rigid over time. Read about general risks in our tuberous breast correction recovery guide.

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Should you get a nipple reduction for tuberous breast correction?

The choice to get a nipple seduction will depend on whether you have herniated or asymmetrical areolas. A specialist plastic surgeon can identify this at your initial consultation if you aren’t sure. However, you will probably already have an idea of whether you need areola corrective surgery.

The five types of tuberous breasts may help to determine whether you need an areola correction. Typically, only types 0, III and IV will need this kind of correction although your surgeon will assess your case.

How are the areolas eorrected during tuberous breast correction?

To fix enlarged and herniated areolas the surgeon makes an incision around the areola and removes excess tissue underneath – where the breast tissue has herniated the NAC. Then a doughnut of skin is removed to reduce the size of the areola.

A skilled and experienced tuberous breast surgeon will leave very subtle scarring around the areola which, when healed, will blend into the circumference of the areola.

When to choose an areola eeduction procedure

You may only need an areola reduction surgery for mild cases of the condition where nipple-areola herniation is the only feature – we call this type 0. To fix a mild case of tuberous breasts, you may want to consider implant-free options such as breast reconstruction (tissue remodelling), breast lift or breast reduction.

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Specialist tuberous breast reconstruction for perfectly shaped boobs

The most important stage of tuberous correction is autologous breast reconstruction, where your existing tissue is used to correct the breast deformity. Usually, tuberous breasts lack volume laterally and horizontally, so a skilled surgeon creates volume in the lower breast pole by redistributing existing breast tissue. The surgeon also addresses the breast constriction by disturbing rings of collagen fibres surrounding the breast parenchyma. These techniques ensure your natural breasts take a new shape.

Take a moment to understand why you can’t fix tuberous breasts with only breast augmentation.

Book a consultation with a specialist in tuberous breasts correction

You can stop after autologous breast reconstruction. However, this technique is limited in its ability to correct asymmetry and areola eerniation. Not to mention, you cannot increase your breast size without implants. Most patients also choose a breast augmentation and a areola reduction procedure to achieve their desired results.

Choosing a breast procedure and plastic surgeon

Tuberous breast correction is one of the more complex breast corrective procedures which is why you need to select your cosmetic surgeon carefully. Ms Elena Prousskaia has over 20 years of experience in breast reconstruction, she’s board certified and has taken part in prestigious fellowships across the UK.

“Choosing Elena was the best choice I ever made!”

Moreover, her patient-first approach prioritises sincerity, comfort and excellence. She performs life-changing surgery at world-class facilities at North Bristol Private Hospital. Read our client testimonials or our external reviews – see before and after transformations for yourself.

If you’re trying to choose a tuberous breast surgeon, “do not hesitate to book in for a consultation with Elena” a client comments “you will not regret it and choosing Elena was the best choice I ever made!… My results are everything I could have asked for and more.”

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