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Breast lift recovery timeline – how long does it take to recover?

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Although natural, sagging breasts can seriously impact self-esteem. Cosmetic surgery can feel like the only permanent solution but you must consider whether the surgery is right for you.

Breast lift recovery can take a long time, especially after a significant revision. This procedure is not suitable for all lifestyles. If you work a strenuous job or can’t take enough time off, you will need to understand what’s involved in breast lift recovery before deciding on cosmetic surgery.

Discover what’s involved in breast lift recovery from day one to one year. Your procedure with Board-certified plastic surgeon, Elena Prosusskaia, involves world-leading plastic surgery and patient care. Four thorough follow-up appointments to ensure your recovery is going well.

Breast lift recovery timeline

breat revovery timeline

Breast lift recovery day one

A couple of hours after your procedure, you’ll wake up from general anaesthetic in one of our private rooms. Drains are in place for several hours or overnight to prevent excessive swelling and flui build-up around the plastic surgery site – these can be uncomfortable but not painful.

We provide a full day’s worth of nutritious meals to aid the healing process. After a full day and overnight stay, you’ll be able to go home. You mustn’t drive yourself home so arrange for someone to collect you after plastic surgery. We will prescribe pain medication and dressings for the initial recovery process.

Is breast lift recovery painful?

Our patients report mild to moderate pain after the breast uplift surgery. Your highly skilled plastic surgeon ensures the procedure results in a comfortable healing process and the resulting scars are near-invisible after fully healing.

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Breast Lift Patient

I had very little pain, no issues at all and the scars are hardly visible

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Breast lift recovery week one

During the first week of breast lift recovery you must take care to protect your incision sites and avoid risking an infection or another complication. You’ll need to limit your movement and avoid housework and all exercise at this stage. You shouldn’t drive during the first 4-6 weeks after breast lift surgery.

Your pain and swelling may be variable during the first week as you adjust to being at home but our patients find the pain manageable using medication such as co-codamol (prescription) or paracetamol. After one week, you will be invited for a follow-up appointment to ensure you are recovering well and there are no complications from the breast lift.

How long do you need to take off work to recover from the breast lift?

We recommend taking 4 weeks off work to recover from the breast lift surgery although this may depend on your job role and whether you can work remotely.

How can you prepare for plastic surgery recovery?

  1. Have healthy meals prepared

  2. Invest in comfortable supportive clothing

  3. Buy a pillow designed for back sleeping

  4. Consider paying for domestic services while you rest

  5. Ask your workplace if you can work remotely

Breast lift recovery weeks 2-4

After 2 weeks, swelling, bruising and pain will considerably subside. Your wounds will have mostly, if not completely healed by four weeks. Patients will be able to take their dressings off at four weeks and begin adding back in some of their usual activities. You’ll still need to avoid exercising during this stage.

How can you improve healing from the breast lift recovery?

Healthy healing is essential for a fast recovery. Prioritise rest, good nutrition and drinking plenty of fluids. Include nutritious fruits and vegetables and focus on protein-rich meals during recovery; these will ensure proper wound healing.

Speak to your plastic surgeon about incorporating lower body exercise at four weeks. Movement helps boost circulation and recovery. Avoid smoking and heavy alcohol consumption during the initial recovery period, as these activities are not conducive to healthy wound healing.

What Factors will affect recovery?

  • Your age – collagen production declines with age so the final results might take longer

  • Existing health conditions – diabetes or circulatory conditions may lengthen your recovery journey

  • Diet & lifestyle – a diet rich in protein and micronutrients is essential for prompt healing. Appropriate exercise – as per your surgeon’s recommendations – can help boost circulation and recovery.

Breast lift recovery weeks 4-8

At four to eight weeks you shouldn’t need your dressings and you’ll be able to get an idea of the final results. Your breast augmentation may still need to settle further but swelling and discomfort should have eased. You will be able to begin driving again after 4-6 weeks. Patients may be able to sleep on their side during this period which can be a great relief.

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Bresat Lift Patient

6 weeks post op and everything is healing well. My boobs are really soft now and feel much more natural. They’ve dropped a bit and the shape is perfect

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You can resume your usual activities such as working, socialising, non-strenuous domestic chores, driving or playing with children. Any heavy lifting – especially pressing or lifting objects above your head – should be avoided for several more months.

When can you exercise after a breast lift?

At the discretion of your plastic surgeon, you can begin lower body exercise after four weeks. Elena will discuss the incorporation of a lower body strengthening routine.

Breast lift recovery – the final result

After one year, your scars should be fully healed. However, scars will fade even more over time. You’ll have a follow-up appointment at 12 weeks, at which point you will be mostly healed, however, it can take 8-12 months to return to your typical activities.

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Breast Lift Patient

I had anchor shape insisions and now(2 years post op) it is impossible to see the scars underneath my boobs or the verticle ones

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How long is breast lift recovery without implants?

If you opt out of a breast augmentation or require a breast reduction, your recovery may vary compared to someone with an implant breast lift. You should still follow the same recovery guidelines and always consult your plastic surgeon before incorporating new activities back into your lifestyle.

When do the nipples heal after a breast lift?

Your wounds will take around four weeks to heal and the cosmetic surgery will look increasingly natural as time passes. At eight to 12 months, your scars should be near-invisible. You may experience numbness in the nipples after a significant breast revision, although this usually returns to normal after 6 weeks.

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