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What you need to know about breast lift surgery

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There are several reasons our breasts sag over time including loss of skin elasticity, weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding. These irreversible physical changes can have a significant impact on your body image and mental health so a corrective procedure can be truly life-changing.

The breast lift is one of the more well-known breast-enhancing surgeries yet little is understood about the process. Discover how a breast uplift is performed and the common types you’ll encounter. Understand which type of procedure is right for you and how much this might cost.

What does the procedure involve?

During the breast lift surgery, the plastic surgeon will strategically remove excess skin and breast tissue to reveal lifted breasts with discreet scarring. The breast uplift usually combines a breast augmentation to enhance the size of the reshaped breasts.

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Types of breast lift

Different breast lift techniques have different aesthetic outcomes, depending on the severity of your case and your preference. Minimally invasive breast lifts are available but are typically used as a secondary correction for minor breast sagging, for example, during a tuberous breast correction. The following lists the most common types of breast lift.

  • Anchor

  • Crescent

  • Round Block

  • Vertical Scar

The anchor breast uplift is the most common type and has the greatest versatility and scope for breast reshaping. This technique takes its name from the anchor-shaped scar around the areola, down to and along the breast crease

Every anchor breast lift will look different depending on your starting point. For example, all of the following examples will alter your breast shape in different ways. Example A indicates a breast lift with reduction, and example B indicates a skin-sparing but generous breast lift. Example C would provide the greatest lift but sacrifice more skin and breast tissue.

diagram showing examples of anchor breast lift

What to expect on the day of surgery

Elena Prousskaia ensures all her patients are well-prepared for their plastic surgery procedure but it can be valuable to understand what to expect from the moment you enter North Bristol Private Hospital.

You’ll have your final assessment with Elena Prousskaia during which she will plan the procedure. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss and queries about the surgery before it goes ahead. Then, once finalised we’ll administer general anaesthetic. You’ll wake up several hours later in a private recovery suite with drains in place to prevent fluid build-up from the procedure.

Although our patients report mild pain during breast lift recovery, you’ll receive pain medication to make your overnight stay with us and home recovery more comfortable. While you’re with us, we’ll provide nutritious food & drink and undivided bedside care.

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Which breast lift is the most suitable for you?

Very rarely is there a medical necessity for a breast lift unless you qualify for a breast reduction from the NHS. The women who visit us for a breast uplift typically struggle with their confidence because of their breast shape so it’s extremely liberating to have the procedure.

Although sagging breasts are a normal consequence of age, breastfeeding, pregnancy and weight loss, there are no permanent solutions for correcting breast sagging without surgery.

When is the right time for a breast lift?

We see women of all ages come in for a breast enhancement surgery but we recommend that you consider the following four things before going ahead with your procedure.

  • Family planning – Pregnancy and breastfeeding will alter the breast size and shape, so consider waiting until you have finished your planned pregnancies and breastfeeding before getting permanent breast alteration surgery.

  • Lifestyle – The breast enhancement surgery requires 4-8 weeks recovery time and an advised 2 weeks off work and driving. You’ll need to be in a position where you’re able to take this time to rest and recover from a breast lift.

  • Finances – Although finance options are available for you to split the cost, you’ll need to ensure you can comfortably afford the procedure. Read out the cost of a breast lift to learn about paying for your procedure.

  • Age – your age will impact your recovery time. As we get older, our skin collagen levels decline and blood circulation can weaken. This can affect how quickly you recover and how noticeable your scars will be.

Should you get a breast augmentation with your breast lift?

Your consultant plastic surgeon will usually recommend breast augmentation to supplement any lost volume due to age, weight loss or the procedure itself. However, many prefer the more natural appearance of an implant-free lift.

Weigh up your options



Without implant

  • Natural shape & feel

  • Breast reduction (if desired)

  • More economical

  • Mild-moderate breast reduction (if undesired)

With augmentation

  • Perkier breasts

  • Larger or maintained cup size

  • Extra volume in the upper pole

  • Less natural appearance

  • Less economical

With Implants

With Implants
With Implants
With Implants

Without Implants

Without Implants
Without Implants
Without Implants

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How much is a breast lift?

The breast uplift at my clinic starts at £8150. The cost entitles patients to an overnight stay, nutritious meals to aid recovery, peaceful and undivided bedside care, aftercare and unlimited follow-up appointments. Pain medication, general anaesthetic and dressings are all included to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible.

Most patients choose a breast augmentation to enhance their rejuvenated breasts which adds to the cost of the procedure. By combining the breast augmentation and the breast lift, you’ll reduce your overall costs and recovery time than if you were to have separate procedures.

To ensure first-class care, we require some consultation and assessment fees at the start of your life-changing journey. However, every patient is free to book as many follow-up consultations as they wish, at no extra cost.

To make your procedure more accessible, we offer a 0% finance payment plan through Chrysalis Finance. Split the cost over 12 months (or less) and pay zero interest for your procedure.

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