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Is a breast lift worth it? – Breast lift eligibility and more

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Over time your breasts can droop. The causes of sagging breasts include tension on the ligaments and connective tissue (gravity) – especially if the breasts are large- weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding and age. Unfortunately, atypical-shaped breasts can have a significant impact on body image and mental health.

Many women choose to get a breast lift to achieve the perfect breast shape or restore youthfulness in their breasts. Plastic surgery is not the only option for boosting your confidence but it is the only permanent solution for sagging breasts.

Discover whether the breast lift is appropriate for you and which type of procedure you’re the best fit for. Learn when to time your breast lift and weigh up whether the cosmetic procedure is worth it.

Do you need a breast lift?

Unlike breast reduction surgery, there is usually no medical requirement to get a breast lift aside from aesthetic preferences. You may need a breast reduction (and secondary breast lift) if your large breasts cause daily backache, discomfort, or poor mental health. Contact your GP about treatment on the NHS for pain-related breast concerns.

Someone may decide to get a breast lift if breast sagging is impacting their body image and daily life. Breast asymmetry and deflated breasts are commonly associated with breast sagging and can further knock your confidence.

Sagging breasts, asymmetry and deflation are unfortunately irreversible and plastic surgery is the only permanent solution, If you decide you want to take the next step to the perfect boobs, Inquire with us today.

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The best time to get a breast lift

While there is no perfect time to get a breast lift, you’ll want to consider how family planning, finances, lifestyle and age might affect your cosmetic surgery journey.

  • Family planning – Pregnancy and breastfeeding will alter the breast size and shape, so consider waiting until you have finished your planned pregnancies and breastfeeding before getting permanent breast alteration surgery. A secondary cosmetic procedure may be costly, unnecessary and pose higher risks.

  • Lifestyle – The breast lift surgery requires 4-8 weeks recovery time and an advised 2 weeks off work and driving. You’ll need to be in a position where you’re able to take this time to rest and recover from a breast lift.

  • Finances – Although finance options are available for you to split the cost, you’ll need to ensure you can comfortably afford the procedure. Read out the cost of a breast lift to learn about paying for your procedure.

  • Age – your age will impact your recovery time. As we get older, our skin collagen levels decline and blood circulation can weaken. This can affect how quickly you recover and how noticeable your scars will be.

Which breast lift is right for you?

There are several breast lift techniques such as the crescent, round-block (periareolar), vertical scar and anchor breast lift. The anchor breast lift is the most versatile and has the widest scope for breast shape correction. All breast lift procedures offer the opportunity for nipple and areola correction.

Minimally invasive breast lift techniques can be useful as a secondary breast lift for minor sagging but are unhelpful for major breast deformities. The main consideration you’ll need to make is whether to get breast implants or opt for an implant-free breast uplift.

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Breast lift with breast augmentation

The more common choice is a breast lift combined with a breast augmentation. You’ll lose some breast volume to the uplift procedure. Implants replace this lost volume and also restore breast fullness, particularly in the upper pole, where volume can lack.

By combining the breast lift and augmentation you’ll pay slightly more than the implant-free alternative. However, you’ll save money, time and discomfort compared to getting these surgical procedures separately.

Breast lift without implants

Many women prefer a more natural breast shape and feel, so they opt for an implant-free breast lift. The downside of an implant-free breast uplift is a loss of overall breast volume. Use of a biological mesh to replicate your natural connective tissue can help provide long-lasting lift, even without silicone implants.

Women with larger breasts, looking for a reduction and lift can benefit from full and natural-looking breasts without the need for implants.

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[Elena] has managed to restore the upper pole of my breasts with my breast tissue alone…I feel so much more confident in myself.

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If you want an implant-free breast lift, get in touch to discuss your options.



Without implant

Natural shape & feel

Breast reduction

Teardrop breast shape

More economical

Breast reduction

With augmentation

Perkier breasts

Larger or maintained cup size

Extra volume in the upper pole

More unnatural appearance

Less economical

Is a breast lift worth it?

The impact of a breast lift depends on how your current breast shape affects your confidence and daily life. Everyone deserves a body they feel beautiful in and plastic surgery is not always the only answer.

Breast surgery is a permanent solution to your dissatisfactions and can be life-changing for some women struggling with these insecurities. To make the decision easier, we offer 0% financing options for all our surgical procedures.

Elena Prousskaia is a board-certified plastic surgeon offering world-class treatment and patient care. Don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews and testimonials or view our breast lift results.

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Breast lift patient

I am still early days in my recovery, but I am already looking and feeling better in my own body than I could’ve ever dreamed of!

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Breast lift patient

I was searching for a surgeon for 2 years and finding Elena changed my life, I had the best outcome I could possibly imagine.

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Frequently Asked Questions mmon queries

what‘s the difference between breast lift and breast augmentation

The breast augmentation enhances the shape and size of your breasts by using breast implants. Meanwhile, the breast lift removes excess skin and breast tissue to correct sagging. It’s common to pair a breast augmentation and breast lift for the best cosmetic outcome.

How soon after breastfeeding can you get breast lift?

We’d recommend waiting at least 6 months after finishing breastfeeding to get the breast uplift surgery. As your breast milk dries up, the shape and size will change. It’s important to wait for the breasts to settle after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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