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Realistic Breast Lift Before & After Results – Patient Transformations

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One of the first considerations before getting plastic surgery is the possible outcome. With the cost of breast lift surgery, you’ll want to ensure you’ll achieve beautiful results that last. Elena Prousskaia is renowned for her surgical expertise and world-leading patient care. You can guarantee the highest quality of surgical treatment at North Bristol Private Hospital.

Realistic breast lift transformations

Reviewing photos can be challenging because every patient experiences unique outcomes from surgery. It’s important to showcase a diversity of realistic plastic surgery results to help manage expectations with the procedure. Most patients choose to pair a breast augmentation with a breast uplift however, your initial breast size, shape and desired results will determine which approach is best for you. Explore some of our results below, or visit our breast lift gallery.

before and after

This patient had mild breast sagging and a loss of volume in the upper pole of the breast. The inframammary fold (breast crease) is slightly elevated.

Elena Prousskaia corrects this using an anchor breast lift (scars placed on the underside of the breast). Teardrop breast implants help to replace the lost volume and give the illusion of additional lift.

before and after

This patient has a mild tubular breast deformity, characterised by a high inframammary fold, herniated nipple-areolar complex and lateral restriction of the breast tissue.

A specialist plastic surgeon corrects the deformity by reshaping the breast, lowering the breast crease and removing excess breast tissue and areola. The patient opted for an implant-free correction for more natural-looking results.

before and after

This patient has moderate tubular breasts, characterised by a small breast base, downward-pointing and herniated nipples and a tuberous breast shape (caused by lateral constriction).

Ms Elena uses the existing breast tissue to construct full and lifted breasts with forward-facing and proportional areolas.

before and after

This patient has sagging breasts as a result of age and other possible factors. She has lost volume in the breasts and the nipples are positioned low on the breast due to a loss of skin elasticity.

To correct this, Elena removes some excess skin and redistributes the existing breast tissue to create a more youthful breast shape. The nipples and breast crease are lifted to create perkier-looking breasts.

before and after

This patient has tubular breasts with severe asymmetry. There is a small breast base on the left breast and outward-pointing nipples.

The correction involves removing excess breast tissue to correct asymmetry, lowering the breast crease via an anchor breast lift, reshaping the breasts and improving nipple positioning and proportions.

before and after

This patient has severely ptotic breasts caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding or significant weight loss. This challenging case called for a substantial breast lift and breast augmentation.

Much of the skin and existing breast tissue is removed. The remaining breast tissue is reshaped and enhanced with round breast implants. The patient’s nipples are also reduced and repositioned for a more aesthetic result. The breast revision also gives the impression of skin rejuvenation.

before and after

This patient has a tubular breast deformity with considerable ptosis (sagging). The nipples are herniated and pointing downwards, the breast base is narrow also indicating the need for a tuberous breast correction and lift.

The breast lift surgery involves breast reconstruction and breast augmentation. Elena has also corrected the nipple shape and position. She has lowered the breast crease creating a more lifted appearance. The result is full, symmetrical and perky breasts with proportional and shapely areolas.

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Results from an implant-free breast uplift

Many women prefer having a smaller cup size or want to maintain a natural breast appearance. However, breast lift surgery usually sacrifices some of the natural breast tissue which is why many patients choose a breast augmentation. If you’re sure you don’t want implants, it’s helpful to visualise what your results could look like after breast lift recovery. Explore some of our implant-free transformations on various body types.

before and after

The patient has an elevated breast crease and the nipples are positioned low on the breast. The breast shape also resembles an oval rather than a teardrop due to sagging.

Elena uses an anchor breast uplift to lift the nipples and lower the breast crease. Despite a small breast reduction, the result is proportional and youthful breasts.

before and after

This patient has a tubular breast deformity characterised by a lateral breast restriction, herniated nipples, a small breast base and an elevated inframammary fold.

Elena corrects this without implants, leaving symmetrical, teardrop-shaped breasts which give the appearance of a more curvaceous figure without the additional weight. Moreover, the new nipples are positioned more centrally and are proportional to the breast size.

before and after

This patient only had mild breast sagging with an elevated breast crease.

In this case, the patient didn’t want a breast augmentation. Instead, Elena removes excess skin and reconfigures the breast tissue to create a flawless teardrop shape, leaving minimal evidence of cosmetic surgery.

Will a breast lift suit you?

There are so many options with the breast uplift, so it’s rare that this plastic surgery will be unsuitable for you. However, you may want to consider your preferences and your current breast shape before deciding if the breast lift is right for you.

The best way to determine whether you need a breast uplift is your nipple position. If the distance between your nipple and your elbow is shorter than the distance between your nipple and armpit then you may have drooping breasts. Additionally, if your nipples are positioned in the lower quadrant of the breast, you may benefit from a breast lift.

breast lift diagram
breast lift diagram

The next consideration is whether you should choose breast augmentation. While it’s ultimately down to personal preference, we may recommend it in some instances.

If you have severe breast asymmetry or drooping, it may be necessary to use breast implants to construct your desired breast shape and size. You can choose a teardrop-shaped breast implant to achieve a more natural-looking result.

Some women prefer the appearance of smaller, natural-looking breasts. Also, breasts that are proportional to your frame are usually more appealing. The breast uplift surgery will sacrifice some breast tissue so we usually recommend implants to supplement your lost volume. However, the decision to get a larger breast implant size, an implant-free correction or a breast reduction is always yours.

Cup size after a breast lift

Typically, patients who choose a breast implant-free correction will be reduced by approximately one cup size. However, your cosmetic surgeon can use breast implants to replace the lost volume.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a mastopexy. The breast lift procedure removes excess skin and breast tissue to reconstruct the breast shape. The severity of your ptosis (sagging) will determine how much breast tissue is removed. Some patients also choose to combine the mastopexty with a breast reduction, in this case, cup size decreases more drastically.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the results from a breast lift last?

The results from the breast uplift are permanent. However, because the body is always changing, your breast shape can also change. With age, the skin loses elasticity and fluctuations in weight can affect your breasts. To maintain your results, aim to avoid drastic weight fluctuations.

What do the scars look like after breast lift surgery?

Most patients will have an anchor breast uplift which leaves scars on the underneath of the breast and around the nipple. However, Elena’s patients say their breast lift scars disappear after a full recovery from the breast lift.

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