What to expect from tuberous breast surgery? Everything you need to know about eligibility, recovery and results
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What to expect from tuberous breast surgery? Everything you need to know about eligibility, recovery and results

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What to expect from tuberous breast surgery? Everything you need to know about eligibility, recovery and results
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From your first consultation, Dr Elena Prousskaia will ensure you understand the expectations from Tuberous breast surgery; she will explain everything step by step, from the consultation to the result. Even though you are in the hands of a specialist surgeon, knowing as much as possible about the procedure is always reassuring.

In this article, we discuss who is eligible for a tuberous breast correction, what to expect when it comes to the final results and finally, what recovery will look like after a tuberous breast correction.

Who is eligible for tuberous breast surgery?

Firstly, you must decide whether a tubular breast correction is the best cosmetic surgery option. The following symptoms usually characterise a tuberous breast deformity:

  • Conic, cylindrical or oval breast shape
  • Lack of breast volume, specifically in the lower portion of the breast
  • Skin deficiency underneath the areolas
  • Breast drooping
  • Bulging areolas
  • Small breast base
  • Wide-set breasts
  • An Elevated inframammary fold
  • Constricted breast tissue (limited peripheral breast development)

Small breasts are often mistaken for tuberous breasts and vice versa because the features cross over. A patient with small breasts lacks breast volume, a potentially small breast base and, in some cases, wide-set breasts. In the case of smaller breasts, features such as a conic shape, breast constriction, severe asymmetry or herniated nipples are signs you have a tuberous deformity.

A specialist surgeon can confirm a tuberous breast deformity at your consultation. However, ruling out tuberous breast syndrome can open up your cosmetic surgery options.

A patient with any breast size can come in for a tuberous breast correction; even men with tuberous gynaecomastia can get a male breast reduction. The only factors affecting your eligibility are your BMI and specific health conditions or lifestyle factors because some variables put patients at a higher risk of surgical complications.

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What are the possible results from a tuberous breast correction?

Dr Prousskaia has worked with many tuberous breast patients, producing fantastic outcomes for severe deformities. Here we explore Dr Elena’s portfolio of tuberous breast corrections.

Woman with type I tuberous breasts (left) and tuberous breast correction and breast augmentation (right)

This patient has a Type I tuberous breast deformity with mild asymmetry. The patient started with small, conic breasts and slightly herniated nipples. This is a tuberous deformity because of the skin and tissue deficiency under the areolas, the conic shape. This patient also has outward-pointing nipples.

Elena has corrected this by remodelling the breast tissue and making space for breast implants with a tissue expander. The patient now has full, symmetrical and natural-looking breasts.

A woman with type III tuberous breasts (left) and her correction and breast augmentation (right)

This patient has a Type III tuberous breast deformity with moderate asymmetry; the patient has a skin and breast volume deficiency in the lower pole and dropping as a result. She has herniated nipples (particularly on the left) and a small breast base.

Dr Elena has corrected this deformity using tissue remodelling, nipple reduction and breast augmentation. The patient now has symmetrical, full breasts with a more natural shape.

Woman with type IV tuberous breasts (left) and tubular breast correction and augmentation (right)

This patient has a Type IV tuberous breast deformity with mild asymmetry. She has severely sagging breasts due to a skin and breast volume deficiency in the lower pole and an elevated inframammary fold. The breast base is small, with constricted breast tissue. Moreover, the nipples have herniated.

Dr Elena corrects this using breast reconstruction to create natural breast volume in the lower pole. She then carries out a breast augmentation and nipple reduction. The patient has beautiful, full and natural-looking breasts after cosmetic surgery recovery.

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What does recovery look like after tuberous breast correction?

Everyone’s recovery journey will look different, but we outline what you can expect after you wake up from the operating table.

Week 0-1

We recommend an overnight stay at the clinic after this kind of surgery. The once we are happy you are on the road to recovery, we will send you home with dressings and medication. In the first few days post-op, you may need to take pain medication; many stop after a few days. You should avoid driving, doing chores, and physical exercise in the first week. We will invite you for a follow-up to ensure your healing is going smoothly.

Week 1-4

We recommend that you stay away from your place of work for four weeks, and if you cannot take this time off, work from home if you can. Avoid driving, particularly long drives. Avoid any exercise at this point while your wounds heal.

Weeks 4-8

At four weeks post-op, you will come in for another follow-up. By this point, your wounds should have healed and your implants settled. You will be able to see your breast surgery results. Dr Elena may give you the go-ahead to drive and begin a lower body strengthening plan.

Weeks 8-12

You can start gentle full-body exercises such as jogging, dog walking or yoga and avoid strenuous activity.

12+ weeks

After 12 weeks, you can return to your regular exercise routine but gradually raise the intensity of your workouts as you tolerate additional movement. You may have to pay particular attention to upper body mobility to avoid injury.

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