If your eyes are making you look older than you feel you may be looking for an eyelid surgeon in Bristol. Heavy eyelids that seem to droop over the eyes and lashes can make you look tired or sad when you feel quite the opposite! In extreme cases, these sagging eyelids can also affect your vision.

The Elena Prousskaia Clinic offers a safe and effective solution to the problem of drooping eyelids called blepharoplasty.

Elena Prousskaia is a leading cosmetic surgeon with clinics throughout the UK and she offers a range of plastic surgery in Bristol.


What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a straightforward surgical procedure to remove excess skin, muscle, and fat from the upper and lower eyelids. The surgery removes the ‘hooded’ appearance from your eyes, smoothes the eye area and reduces the puffiness caused by the protrusion of fat pads around the eye. Ms. Prousskaia will design the procedure to address your particular needs, giving your immediate eye area a refreshed and smoother appearance. The process will not address any issues with crow’s feet or wrinkles around the eyes, nor will it raise the position of your brow. However, these problems can be addressed by other treatments offered at Elena Prousskaia’s Bristol clinic.


Why is Elena Prousskaia the best eyelid surgeon in Bristol for you?

Elena Prousskaia is one of the most successful aesthetic surgeons in the UK, well known for her artistry and calm, friendly manner. Elena has been carrying out aesthetic and plastic surgery procedures for more than 20 years. She is an award-winning cosmetic and aesthetic surgeon with many years of experience as an NHS Consultant Surgeon and in her private practice. Demand for her services has meant that she has now opened clinics across the UK.

In Bristol, Elena’s clinic is based in the Bristol Spire Hospital, the largest private hospital in the South West.

How long does it take to recover from surgery on hooded eyes?

All surgical procedures carry the risk of swelling, and your eye area will be puffy for a week to ten days after surgery. This swelling is normal and will subside naturally in time; however, you can aid the process by taking a few precautions.

It is essential to rest after surgery, but it is helpful to sleep propped up on pillows to allow gravity to help with reducing the swelling. Ice packs or cold compresses could also be beneficial for the first couple of days. Alcohol and salty foods can encourage fluid retention, so try to avoid them during your recovery period. Using contact lenses may irritate your eyes for the first week, but you will be able to wear glasses without any problems. Some patients experience blurred vision, but this is normal and will resolve as the swelling diminishes.

Elena will discuss all the aftercare required before the surgery, and she will be keeping a close eye on your progress at consultations one week after surgery and at intervals for a year.

Post-surgery pain can be controlled with over-the-counter painkillers if necessary.

When will I see the result of the blepharoplasty?

After 12 weeks, any swelling will have settled, and your eye area will be refreshed and smooth once more!

The cost of blepharoplasty surgery in Bristol

All patients have an initial consultation with their surgeon to discuss the surgery in detail. The total cost of the surgery will be confirmed during this discussion. The fee for this first meeting is £200 to £250, depending on location. Surgery typically costs from £4620, which includes the hospital fees, the surgeon’s time, the anaesthetic and all post-operative consultations.


How to find us

The Elena Prousskaia Bristol clinic is located in the modern Spire Hospital in Clifton,  one of the city’s most attractive suburbs. There is plenty to see and do in the area if you have the time. Clifton is well known for its Georgian architecture, independent shops, stylish boutiques, and lively café scene. It is home to the magnificent Clifton Suspension Bridge and Bristol Zoo Gardens. The hospital is close to the Downs, a large green area popular with walkers, runners and kite flyers! A visit to Bristol is not complete without a walk across the Downs, taking in views of the city and the spectacular Avon Gorge.


Spire Bristol Hospital,
The Glen
Redland Hill,
Durdham Down
Bristol, BS6 6UT

Travelling by car

From M5 Junction 17

Follow the A4018 for Bristol West and Bristol Zoo for approximately four miles. With the Downs and water tower on the right, you will come to a roundabout on this road. Take the left hand turn into Redland Hill and immediately turn left into Spire Bristol Hospital.

From M4 Junction 19

Follow the M32 leading into Bristol. Take the M32 into the city centre and then follow the signs for Clifton and the A4018. At the top of Whiteladies Road, bear right for Redland to find the hospital.


Bristol Spire Hospital has 100 free car parking spaces.

Arriving by train

Take the train to either Bristol Parkway or Bristol Temple Meads stations. Bristol Parkway station is approximately four miles from Spire Bristol Hospital (20-30 minutes by taxi) on the outskirts of Bristol. Temple Meads station is close to the city centre and only 10-15 minutes from Spire Bristol Hospital by taxi.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Risks Of Eyelid Surgery?

Any surgical procedure comes with some risks. Like any operation, blepharoplasty poses a risk of bleeding, infection, scarring and an adverse reaction to anaesthesia. It’s also possible to have an allergic reaction to the surgical tape or other materials used during or after the procedure. Elena will provide you with further information about the risks and provide you with a detailed consent form during your consultations. This will help you to minimise the risks.

What Care Is Taken Before And After Eyelid Surgery?

Following your initial consultation It is normal to have a second consultation, for you to ask any further questions, once you have had time to consider the different surgical options. After the decision is made, we will carefully prepare for your surgery. During this consultation, you will have a fully informed consent form instructing what to do before and after surgery for the best outcome. The Elena Prousskaia Clinic prides itself on the quality of its aftercare so we will make absolutely sure you know what to expect, and how much rest is needed. We will give you specific instructions that may include how to care for your eyes following surgery, medications to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the risk of infection, and when to follow-up with Elena.

Am I A Good Candidate For Blepharoplasty?

Most of our blepharoplasty patients are over 35 years old, however ultimately age does not matter. Elena will look at the condition of your skin regardless of age. Eyelid surgery is typically for those patients who are seeking to reduce droopy eyelids, or “bags” under the eyes, for a younger, more open-eyed look. However, the surgery has also a functional purpose in that some people’s eyelids are sagging to such a degree that it actually interferes with their vision. In these cases, the procedure can make a huge improvement to their daily life.

What Is The Recovery From Blepharoplasty Surgery?

In this first week there will be some puffiness or swelling around the eyes. This is completely normal and part of the post op healing process, and should subside within 7-10 days. The incisions around your eyes may be pink and quite visible, and your eyelids may feel numb for several days. Your eyes may also be watery, dry, and sensitive to light. You may also experience some tenderness and bruising around the eyes resulting in a “black eyed” appearance. Some recommended tips for reducing the swelling around your eyes include: • Sleep elevated on two pillows.
• Use cold compresses – especially in first few days.
• Avoid wearing contacts for this first week but glasses are okay.
• Drink plenty of water and fluids, but avoid alcohol.
• Eat a light healthy food that is low in salt.
• Rest, rest, and more rest. You may also experience some double vision or blurriness a few days post op. Wear dark sunglasses during this period particularly if you’re going outdoors.

Can I have surgery if I wear Glasses?

If you wear contact lenses, you will not be able to wear these in the first days after surgery. As glasses make no direct contact with the eyes, they are safe to use. A patient’s focus will be on resting in those early days of recovery, which means avoiding strenuous physical activities as well as activities that may result in eyestrain. However if you go outdoors, be sure to wear sunglasses. This will hide your eyes from view after surgery has been performed and will also protect your eyelids from direct sun exposure.

How Long Does Surgery Take?

Generally speaking this surgery takes around 2.5 hours, although this varies depending on the nature of the procedure.

Treatment Cost

The total cost of the surgery will be confirmed after the first consultation.

The cost includes the hospital, surgeon and anaesthetic fees. It also covers all post-operative visits. The initial consultation fee will be invoiced separately. The prices apply only at the time of publication and are subject to changes without notification.

Initial Consultation...

£200 - £250 location dependent

Surgery Costs From...



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Treatment At A Glance

Surgical Time 1 - 2 hours
Hospital Stay 0 - 1 days
Initial Recovery Time 1 - 2 weeks
Anaesthetic Local or general anaesthetic
Final Result 1 - 3 months
Follow Up 1, 4, 12 weeks, 6, 12 months

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Elena was recommended to me and as soon as I met her I felt entirely comfortable. Her explanations made sense in terms of expectations. Having made the big decision I did feel nervous but had absolute trust and confidence in Elena. I knew I was in the best hands. Elena's team is so supportive, my questions were answered with patience and understanding. My care at the McIndoe Centre was excellent. I am five weeks post op for abdominoplasty and liposuction and last week. Quite amazing to see the before and after pictures! I am so pleased that I was fortunate enough to meet Elena and have no hesitation in recommending her.

SM – Abdominoplasty & Liposuction

I have been both physically and mentally uncomfortable in my body since I was 12. I was born with ‘breast mutation’ and I first had surgery to correct this through the NHS at 16 years old. The surgery I have had with Elena, 17 years later, has removed the NHS implants, one of which had ruptured, and completely altered the shape of my chest. By doing this she has made me look and feel like a woman for the first time in my life. She is at all times quietly kind and fiercely adept. A true artist. She has surrounded herself with the most wonderful team and I cannot thank them all enough for the new lease of life that I have been given.

EG – Removal & Replacement of Implants

I have been self conscious for the whole of my adult life and I cannot express how much this surgery  has changed things for me. Both mentally and physically. I highly recommend Elena. She supported me throughout my journey from start to finish. Elena is very particular which for me is really important. Elena really took care of me from initial consultation right through to surgery and aftercare.My scaring is minimal and I am absolutely over the moon with my results. Thank you Elena!

JB – Breast Reduction

Elena is an OUTSTANDING surgeon. I had PIP implants and was looking to have them changed. I knew Elena was the surgeon to help, she put me at ease and explained my options. The lovely ladies in her office were helpful, I wanted to get sorted asap, when an alternative date was available contacted me straight away. I received outstanding care from start to finish from Elena, her team and the hospital. The aftercare is amazing, nothing is too much trouble, can call any time. I was so relaxed, I knew I was in great hands. The final results are fantastic. Elena has worked magic and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so glad I found her. I can’t thank her and her team enough.

LMS – implant Removal & Replacement

Had surgery with Elena in September, I was extremely anxious about the whole thing, but Elena and her whole team, from admin to the hospital staff were amazing with me and reassured me throughout my journey. I can not recommend Elena enough, and she has changed my life for the better! Already saving for my next operation with her!

SM – Abdominoplasty & Arm Lift

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