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Elena Prousskaia’s Plastic Surgery Clinic at Nuffield Health, Bristol

Leading plastic surgeon Elena Prousskaia is now operating from the world renowned Nuffield Health hospital in Bristol. On this page we will offer you information about

  • Our Bristol Clinic, its address and contact details
  • More Information about the Nuffield Health Private Hospital

Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from the Heart of Bristol

Elena and her team offer a range of the most cutting edge surgical treatments including breast enlargement and reduction, rhinoplasty, tummy-tucks, liposuction, botox, as well as a face, neck and brow lifts. Elena’s reconstructive surgery is highly regarded, and there are many examples of her breast reconstruction after mastectomy work in the gallery section of the website.

About Nuffield Health, Bristol

Open since the early 1960’s, Bristol’s private hospital The Chesterfield has three digital operating theatres, 30 beds with en-suite bathrooms, and 11 consulting rooms. Located not far from the University of Bristol, and the Clifton Observatory, this leading private hospital offers the perfect place to have your plastic surgery, with every comfort at your disposal.

The Elena Prousskaia Clinic is a mere 15 minutes away from Bristol airport, straight down the A38 and A370.

The Chesterfield Hospital, 3 Clifton Hill, Bristol, BS8 1BN

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My eyes had been bothering me for years, as the years crept by my genetics caught up with me, I hated looking in the mirror and when I did I saw my grandmothers’ saggy eyes staring back, it was making me miserable every day. It took me over 2 years to decide whether to have this surgery, I wish I hadn’t waited. Put your trust in Elena, she is genuinely kind, caring and incredibly talented.

CH - Eye Lid Surgery

My daughter was born with a severe congenital deformity called tuberous breasts. She broke down crying and said that she felt like a freak. To hear your daughter say this is heart breaking. I reassured her that if she wanted surgery, we would look into finding a surgeon, but we couldn't rush into it. This was harder than I thought. There are so many surgeons out there, who the hell can you actually trust to operate on your daughter? We did our research and saw a few surgeons that gave conflicting advice until finally choosing Elena Prousskaia. I cannot praise or recommend Elena enough. She transformed my daughter not only on the outside , but on the inside also. She is a genius in her field and in the words of my daughter, "she is the most amazing woman." (after her mum of course!).

BN - Eyelid Surgery

From as long as I can remember, I've always been very self-conscious about my appearance, especially the shape of my nose. This effected my whole life and had me hiding away from most social situations, causing major isolation and depression.. After I recovered from the surgery, I was blown away by the transformation of my nose almost immediately. It was almost too good to be true! For a first time in a long time I could happily look at myself in the mirror without feeling embarrassed or sad. Due to Elena's care and talent, there was hardly any bruising or scars on my nose and had surprisingly healed much quicker than expected.

TD - Rhinoplasty

Elena had done such an amazing job. Elena supported me throughout the whole process. My breasts have been completely transformed, there is minimal scarring and I am so glad I met Elena. I would refer Elena to anyone with Tubular breasts. I can't thank Elena and her team enough!!

VA - Tuberous Breast

Elena has made me feel comfortable, informed and listened to from the first moment I met her. I trusted her completely and felt like she really understood the reasons behind my surgery and my expectations. I am so, so happy with my results and wouldn't hesitate to contact her again in the future- or send her my friends/family!

AK - Breast Augmentation

Elena is an amazing surgeon in every respect. My surgery outcome was better than I had hoped for, the results were amazing and I would recommend Elena highly. I had a breast lift with implants at the age of 56. My breasts are now as they were in my 20's. Thank you Elena.

LR - Breast Lift with Implants

A very honest and genuine surgeon, I am amazed with my results and minimal scars, she is very caring and understanding she will not promise anything she isn't capable of. I highly recommend this surgeon to any male or female. Thank you.

MW - Gynacomastia

Great surgeon, fantastically natural result better than expected, just the right size for my body shape. I trusted Elena from the beginning and left myself into her hands in terms of choosing which implants were right for me after explaining the look I wanted to achieve. "She is very open and honest, explaining all risk above the procedure etc." I am so happy, my only regret is not have done it sooner now! Thanks to Elena I've got my confidence back and I love my body.

AT - Breast Augmentation

Elena has a very professional & understanding approach to her work. She may also be a little strict but that is only because she wants the best results for her patients. I'm so happy I picked Elena for my surgery & would definitely recommend her to anyone. She listened to me, understood my concerns & explained everything to me in great detail so I understood the whole procedure from start to finish. Her team of nurses, PA's and anaesthetist are just as great and understanding too. With elena and her team you can't go wrong.

DR - Abdominoplasty Surgery

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