Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group Drops Plans to limit reconstructive surgery to breast cancer Survivors

Cosmetic surgery in the NHS has been in the news recently, as the NHS Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group  raised the possibility of limiting reconstructive breast surgery for breast cancer survivors. The move generated a huge amount of public controversy, however, with many claiming the change would unfairly target women.

How Would the NHS Reforms Affect Reconstructive Breast Surgery

The cost saving measure suggested only offering reconstructive surgery on the breast that has been affected by cancer. According to the CCG, surgery on the unaffected breast would qualify as a ‘cosmetic’ procedure. The backlash surrounding the idea, however, focussed on the obvious psychological implications for women of having asymmetrical breasts/.

In response to the complaints, the NHS has now said it is considering offering surgery to both breasts as a standard practice.

How Many Surgical Procedures Will Be Allowed?

The NHS allows up to three surgeries following breast cancer, for both men and women.

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